Arcade Stick Odd Issue

I bought a WWE Brawl stick a few months back and it’s been working great but all of a sudden about a week ago I noticed when I move the stick in a direction, my character (in this case SF4) will stay in that direction for a bit even after I let go of the stick. For example if I walk right the character will continue to walk right for a split second before stopping, even though the stick went to the neutral position already. Same when I press down he’ll remain crouching for a second before standing back up. This mostly happens when I move the stick all the way to a direction, and not when just tapping it although sometimes my dashes won’t come out either.

Of course I thought it was just the MadCatz parts starting to break down so I ordered Sanwa joystick and button replacements which I received today and just finished putting them in. Unfortunately, to my surprise the problem persists and I don’t know what is causing it. If someone with more knowledge could give me their 2 cents it would be greatly appreciated.

set slide switch to DP.
Can I has a MadCatz troubleshooting sticky yet?

LOL oh wow… just wow.

Speechless. Well at least it nudged me to finally mod the stick with Sanwa parts. I can’t believe I overlooked such a simple thing. I hardly ever glance at that section of the stick so it never crossed my mind. Thanks a bunch. :tup: