Arcade stick on PC via USB

ok, I’m on the verge of building my first arcade stick and I was wondering (even though I’ve read tons of tutorial and stickies I’m still not sure, might’ve been the language barrier though since I’m italian, let me preemptively apologize for this), could I use an Ultimarc I-PAC to connect my LS-32 + buttons combo to my PC (via USB port)?

I know I could just use the PCB of an old PS2 joypad instead and then use an adapter, however I had originally thought of soldering everything on this clicky PCB clicky but the dude who makes them hasn’t answered my mails like…at all (besides I’d only save like…10 bucks over an I-PAC2 which can be purchased somewhere closer, like in Germany) so I really don’t know.

Anyway, what do you suggest?

Thanks in advance for your help.

if you only want it for the pc a i-pac is ok … but you have a ps3 gamertag so i would suggest you to get a Cthulhu … the new MC Cthulhu is working with pc, psx, ps3, dc and xbox

wow, thanks for the quick reply;

so, if I got this right, I just put the wires from my joystick and buttons into the screw connectors (I guess in a specific order which is probably printed on the PCB somehow, I gotta check the instructions later), add a USB cable and it’ll automatically work on my PC and PS3 (or do I need drivers for PC?)?

Well, that’d be awesome.

yes, i think it will work out of the box with the pc, no drivers needed … but if you have more questions ask them in the thread i postet … toodles will answer all of them