Arcade Stick options for MAME OSX? Please help

I have been looking everywhere for information on what retail arcade stick is best for MAME OSX? I have heard the Hori Xbox 360 stick works but the triggers don’t work quite right. I have a Dreamcast Agetec stick but I have found no information on whether or not one of the adapters will make it playable on a Mac OSX. Has anybody had any luck getting the arcade sticks to work correctly on the MAC OSX, especially the Hori sticks for 360 or DC Agetec?
Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

My VSHG works just fine 10.5.3.

yeah, I would love to get a VSHG but I cant find one anywhere unless I want to pay above 150.

waggles both of his :wgrin:

I got both of mine from playasia (Im in UK) for rouglhy 150 all in 6 months ago. Damned imports. Just tried my 360 Hori EX2 with no success. Cant help anymore I’m afraid.

I got an hrap3 and it works perfectly.

I tested the hori ex2 and totally forgot to try because I just got it yesterday. So far it doesnt work w/ the third party driver that availiable online, but there is another thread that discusses this on srk here.
I tried to follow the instructions but couldnt get it to work. I bet its possible maybe we can get some help from the srk’r. Try to pm him or something.

Iam going to keep trying.