Arcade stick options for upcoming PS4 beta?

So apparently PS4 owners will not be able to use their PS3 sticks with the upcoming beta of SFV. Not wanting to use the standard PS4 pad, that begs the question, what options does someone wanting a good quality PS4 arcade stick have?

Is there even anything out there as good quality as the original PS3/X360 Mad Catz TE?

Hori V4 Hayabusa for $150 on Amazon or Mad Catz TE2 $200 on their own site or maybe Amazon too are the main ones unless you padhack etc or buy lesser known brands that still seem to be fine but some don’t come with the best parts.

The people running the beta are fucking retarded if they think that people pre-order with the prospect of playing only for 5 fucking days and having to throw another $200 out of the window for a PS4 arcade stick.

I just placed an order for the Hori RAP4 Kai on Amazon UK. Only £85 but awaiting stock. I doubt I’ll ever get it at that price, but no harm in trying…

What’s that in €?

About… tree fiddy.

I mean, just under 120 euro.

85 British Pounds is approx 119.53 Euros

Amazon has Hori’s in and TE2. Hayabusa lever and kuro buttons have more resistance than sanwa and are very solid parts. Most people really like the lever, but even though the kuro buttons are good you still can’t beat sanwa imo.

That’s a pretty good deal.

I bought both a PS4 and XBONE TE2, they’re pretty fantastic. The Hori is a solid choice, but the TE2 has this nice hitch that allows you to open the box freely, giving you easy access to components. It also comes with a tool, wiring guide (so you can move buttons that aren’t colored without having to do homework)and the plastic cover is removable; allowing you to place any kind of artwork you like below.

I’ve only ever owned MCZ sticks and I will probably only buy MCZ. My Fightstick Pro is still kicking after a few years of abuse, up to and including rage chucking.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The TE2 is a great stick, solidly built great components, super easy to modify and customize with lots of options to do so.

I’ve was reading good things about the venom in the tech forums. It’s pretty cheap, and easily interchangeable.

It’s been out of stock for ages so don’t be surprised if you end up waiting forever…

It’s currently in stock, and i highly recommend it

Free shipping to the UK?

Current list of arcade sticks that work on PS4.

MadCatz TE2
Hori RAP.V4
Hori RAP5
Hori RAP.V4 Hayabusa
Hori RAP Premium VLX Kuro

You’d buy a stick for the long haul not a 5 day beta… I’d hope you aren’t that stupid.

Art has a point. The problem with the beta is that its WAY less accessible for someone who uses a stick which includes a large part of the competitive/pro audience for SF. If you’re a competitive pad player or just some casual guy sitting around with a PS4 and a controller the beta is instantly more accessible to them.

Obviously you’d buy a stick for the long haul, but there literally is nothing exclusive that you’d HAVE to buy a stick for ATM. GGXrd can be played on PS3 and while MKX is predominantly played offline on PS4, it’s still an NRS game which only certain people in the community are regularly playing.

What about the Venom?

That’s basically what I meant.
You’re good at expressing yourself less emotionally and more intelligently than me.
Also I was not aware that there will be more than one beta phase at the time of writing.