Arcade stick options for upcoming PS4 beta?

Cheers. The E.Ryu one is one I’ve bid on. Ghose others are on Ebay too. £150

Well, the last thing said was that they were looking into PS3 Arcade Stick compatibility for SF5. I’ve seen both Combofiend and Matt Dahlgren say they know it’s something many fans are requesting and that they’ll “be revealing more about that soon”. I take that as a good sign. My guess is that this feature will likely be available for the retail release or a later beta once they get around to fully implementing it. That would be cool.

Simple answer, nope. Just being honest

Anyone know when Madcatz are coming out with more TE2 sticks? They’ve been out of stock on amazon forever.

I’ve got the venom modded with Sanwa stick/buttons and its pretty good. Easy as pie to mod too. Its pretty cool actually

So a new Mayflash is supposed to be coming out around the end of Oct that supports ps3/4 and xbox360/one. I’ll certainly be waiting on the verdict for it. If its easily moddable and has no siginificant problems for a good price then i might get it. But being in the UK the venom is still a solid choice if the mayflash ends up too expensive for some reason or problems arise.

Anyone here use a ps360+ and updated the firmware? Does it work for you on ps4?

Anybody own/use a Qanba stick? Specifically this one?

I’m used to Madcatz and really want a TE2, but who the fuck knows when they are coming back out. The price for that stick isn’t bad at all and I really don’t want to play the next beta on pad again.

Best stick and currently available for 150 dollars on amazon is the hori rap v4 kai. Got it recently and it is really good. I thought I would want to change the buttons to sanwa but the Kuro buttons do their job just fine.

yeah, works on an 8-minute restriction, which is pretty fine for a fighting gaming tbh. it does a bluetooth check every 8 minutes, at which point it will stop working. you can just reset the stick at any point via stick inputs (select+HK to turn off, then select to reactivate) which takes like ~1.5 seconds. at first you’ll probably forget and disconnect during games a lot, but I’ve just gotten into the habit of resetting between matches, so it’s not even much of an inconvenience anymore. works flawlessly in PS4 mode besides that hitch, pretty glad I don’t have to buy a new stick for PS4.

Nice. I read a little about it. The 8-minute restriction is only for games that don’t support PS3 sticks right? Like you don’t have to do that for Skullgirls or USF4?

I ended up getting Hori Rap4 stick for PS4. Fuck using pad on the next beta.

You can get TE2s on Ebay. There was one for about £210 including post a few weeks ago

Oh yea, they’re on Ebay for a much larger price than they would be if they were in stock on Amazon or Madcatz website.

Hrap 4 Kai are still in stock on Amazon for $149. I prefer it over my TE2 but that’s just preference.

I’m planning on using a stick in SFV for the first time. What do you guys recommend?

Edit: Good?

Thats why the PC version is cool, if you dont play in tournaments, you can just use your 360 stick and still play

I can’t comment on that stick but I was in a similar boat. I went with the PS3/PS4 venom stick. I wanted something cheap that was easily modded when I was done with the stock parts. Hasn’t disappointed yet. Although I think the price went up a bit since I purchased, I got it for like 115 shipped from the UK to the states.

Of course you can’t go wrong with a TE2 ever I heard.

My first post on this board after I forgot my old account info was the hori commander 4 pad and I have to recommend it again. I honestly feel it is superior to stick. Give it a look.

I’m saying this as a former stick player.

Nice thing is it works for PC too. I dl’d the yatagarasu demo thinking “oh god this is gonna be an annoying deal” but I plugged the hori 4 into my usb port and after a short download that happened automatically, I was able to play the game.

Look it up and consider it.

Picked 2 of these up shortly after the first beta and love it. Used to use one during sf 4 and look forward to trying it out on V