Arcade stick options for upcoming PS4 beta?


MadCatz TE2
Hori RAP Pro V4 (Silent)
Hori RAP Pro V (Silent)
Hori RAP Pro 4 Kai
Hori RAP Premium VLX Kuro
Blazblue Arcade Stick Bururaji Radio Ebten Limited Edition [PS3 / PS4]
DEAD OR ALIVE 5 LAST ROUND - Hori Official Arcade Stick [PS3 - PS4]
GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- Arcade Stick Ebten Limited [PS3 / PS4]

The Hori RAP Pro V and the Hori RAP 4 Kai are more or less the same model, but the 4 Kai has a few millimeters distance between the arcade lever and where the buttons are place for Westerners with wider shoulders. Other than that, the Pro V has red colored art on the top like the XBone version of the stick and is mainly sold by Japanese retailers and other Asian resellers. The 4 Kai is what you’d find more commonly in the West. Both models have touch pads unlike the Hori Rap Pro V4 and MadCatz TE2 sticks. Kuro VLX has touch pad, but they’re going to be hard to obtain now.

Hori naming scheme is kinda confusing for most people because they’re being inconsistent and nebulous. Even I made the common mistake of calling the Hori RAP Pro V the Hori RAP Pro V5 when it’s just V. Also I made the mistake of calling the 4 Kai the “V4 Kai.”

If you’re in Europeland, the Venom is a derivative of the Mayflash sticks and it works for PS4. I think you can swap out the stock parts somewhat easily then, Bam!, a budget PS4 stick. Otherwise if importing from further away and you don’t already have extra JLF/Hayabusa/LS-XX/etc. levers and extra buttons, the price may just add up to the same price as a Hori 4 Kai. If you don’t mind mediocre/crummy stock parts of the Venom, then that’ll be the most budget stick to buy.

The last 4 sticks on the list can be found on

If I get a job soon again, I’d get the Bururaji stick and put a clear bat top on it so I can beat people with a Fisher Price lookin’ stick.

I ordered a Madcatz TE2 this morning for PS3/4
Also preordered SF5…I want that beta! lol
Tomorrow I buy a PS4 and a year subscription, can’t forget that.

Reminds me of when I bought an Xbox and TE2 just for 6 character KI lool. We going HAM.

I only play fighting games any way so SFV would be the only game to make me go get one. Gummo said he’ll be at evo modding sticks so if it fits the budget I can get my Xbone TE2 dual modded and be good to go.

I got purchased my first stick last week (went with the venom, like the size and supposedly easy to mod so I figure a good start) for this beta and will try and break 22 years of pad play with USF4.

Figured I’ll start SFV beta included with a stick.

Chronus Max plus?

Drops after 8 minutes, can ruin USB ports (its weight has been know to tear USB ports out of their solder), and isn’t tournament legal.

It takes a while to get one’s execution with stick as good as it was with pad. I think it took me about slightly less than a year to get to that point. The trade off is that my DPs in ST got cleaner/better and I started DP’ing jumps on reaction better on stick than with pad (maybe placebo effect.) Other than that and being a PS2 pad player, I felt the liberation of being able to hit new button combinations for kara throws and roll cancels without having to play claw style on the face pad (which I never did and never liked.)

Kudos to you and may you have an easy or gratifying adjustment.

You’re serious about this SFV thing. LoL you need to add me asap. We’ll get along juuuuust fine.

Thanks I appreciate it, I know it’ll be some work but I figure now would be as good of a time as ever to try it out.

LOL if there is one thing I’m serious about in life it is Street Fighter, haha
I’m all about Uncharted, Star Wars Battlefront and that FF7 remake and other PS4 games, so It isn’t like I’m buying it just for SF5
Steam take forever to get BlazBlue and won’t be getting Guilty Gear Xrd soooooooo, now I can play those too.

One thing I seriously hate is upgrading my PCs, when I can just buy a console and be ready to rock.
my PC will be fine for SF5 and Killer Instinct when it drops, but I’m sure the window is tightening on upgrading.

I would never buy a stick for a beta, plus SFV look like it could be played fine on pad. The execution barrier looks incredibly low. I did however buy a TE2 and a HRAP VLX for PS4. I’m not gonna be one of those guys complaining they can’t get a stick once it gets closer to SFV release. All sticks will be gone and scalpers will be running wild harder than 80s hulkamania.

While having to buy a new stick for a new console sucks (though it isn’t a new thing, since we’ve had this issue since the late 80s and 90s), Sony at least did the smart thing and allowed for PS3/PS4 compatibility on their peripherals (something Microsoft did not allow when the XBOne came out). This means that, you’re shiny new PS4 stick will also work with games on your PS3, so it’s not just for one game.

Join the next generation already you cheap asses. The PS360 are currently on life support

Don’t be that old guy wandering outside of the club real late. Head home pops.

I don’t know if anyone has already thought about this:

If Street Fighter V keeps in its current state control-wise, there’s absolutely no reason to buy a stick for the game at all, especially if you are already used to a console controller.
Let me elaborate:

  1. All 3 button inputs have been dropped from the game (Chun’s lightning legs are a good indicator that piano inputs will not be part of the game at all), because there are no ultras and supers and ex moves are executed with one and two button presses respectively.
  2. There are no focus attacks and throwing with the default pad layout is easy as it is.
  3. The game supposedly does not have 1-frame inputs and uses an input buffer system. That makes it possible for pad players to hit combos consistently without double tapping and/or plinking given that the player invested enough time in practice.

So a pad player can assign lights to square and cross, mediums to triangle and circle, heavies to L1 and R1 (or R1 and R2) and can put the macros for V-Trigger and V-Skill to the shoulder buttons (or L1 and L2).

This makes a perfect button layout for a pad player, where you have access to everything without finger cramping or having to place the pad on your thighs.
Basically what I’m saying is if the input system stays this for SFV pad and stick players will be on completely even ground, you basically only switch right hand speed and accuracy for left hand speed and accuracy between the two peripherals.

That shit is pure genius!
Thanks Capcom.

There’s still reason to buy a stick because a sizeable amount of people still prefer to play on stick and there may end up being another character like C.Viper that will require finger dexterity that you won’t be able to apply to its fullest on a pad. A stick or hit box would perform a lot better still.

Still in general though I prefer the snappiness of Sanwa buttons and being able to have 3 individual fingers at all times to access different buttons for footsies and combos. After playing on stick for a long time i prefer how quickly i can move the directional stick to neutral over using a pad and the much better layout for accessing the buttons with more than 2 fingers. Especially if you’re playing a more dextrous character that stuff adds up.

I also HATE trigger buttons. I don’t know how people use those things.

I hope you’re right. I got a stick though because its almost like I am learning fighting games all over again. This time for the better… I used to beat up on my brothers and friends growing up but was apart of zero local scene. Once I actually tried to compete on a bigger stage I knew I was doing it all wrong lol. If I am going to reset, might as well do so on a stick

Uh, but don’t you need 3 Punches or 3 Kicks for V-Reversal?


I hope they let us know ahead of release whether legacy controllers will work.

If it works like USF4 currently does where you need a dualshock 4, then fuck it, I’m just gonna pick up a PS4 stick.

Or better yet… I might just upgrade my PC over a PS4.

Yeah, I just ordered a PS4 and will be pre-ordering SFV on Thursday or Friday… Sucks because I’m coming from straight stock 360 sticks. I thought about going to PC to keep the sticks I already had, but there’s a few other reasons I wanted a PS4 over going PC… I wanted a PS4 eventually anyway but this just gave me a reason to do it now.

But I’m definitely playing the beta (at least phase one) on pad, as awkward as it will be coming from playing USFIV on stick for like 2 years.

Hoping that maybe the PS360+ will get a firmware update allowing full PS4 support, or a third party pcb will be available soon. I’m not opposed to buying a couple TE2’s, because along with the PS4 they’d probably be all I need for the next 10 years, but I def can’t afford them right now. Sucks cuz I gotta get one for me and one for the woman, that’s the cost of the PS4 all over again and I’m by no means wealthy.