Arcade stick or controller?

So like recently my friends got me a ps3 for my bday (naww) and uMvC with it

I’ve been looking at the dante forum for ages and learnt and memorised the combos needed, but you know what they say, its easier said than done.

It’s my 3rd day (since posted) and I’m slowly mastering teleport cancels, but I’m using a standard ps3 controller and thought it’d be abit too hard to cancel into volcano or even plink, and was wondering if any crazy dante players also used a controller or does every SSS dante player only use an arcade stick?

Tips would also be greatly appreciated
thnx (:

Arcade sticks are better for execution. But there are pros who play with the PS3 controller. I got a cheaper Arcade Stick with Vanilla MvC3 for around $25 and for the first time I switched. Within a day, I noticed that I could do a whole lot more than with the controller. For instance, if you like Zero (Who goes very well with Dante) and want to do his X-Buster Charge Up combos, it’s a pain to do it on the PS3 controller compared to a stick.

Bottom line is that fighting games are basically made for Arcade Sticks, including the newer ones.

Bottom line is actually to use what’s most comfortable for you. If you spend a lot of time in the lab, as well as playing, and find yourself not making *any *progress with the game, then perhaps you should try something else. I’m a PS3 pad warrior, and I do just as well against the people in my scene who use sticks.