Arcade stick PCB for some reason picking up 1 direction constantly


So as the topic states my arcade stick is having this issue. I unplugged the arcade stick from the pcb but still when i hook up the controller it is constantly inputting left and its getting frustrating because nothing appears to be wrong, I can move up dont and right which do up-left down-left- and neutral. Please help me figure this out because it is frustrating. I assure you sauder isnt shorting connections and also, the stick has been working perfect for a while now but suddenly this issue occurred today. So yeah. Please help =)
All the buttons and other directions work it makes no sense =(


what kind of controller board are you using? maybe the analog stick is stuck to the left?


You could’ve also soldered left and its ground together to complete the circuit, causing it to constantly input left.


Thank you for replying =) The board is a mayflash PCB designed for that cruddy mayflash arcade stick . I gutted it etc. Anyways you just have to plug the connnectors of the arcade stick INTO the board, you dont have to solder the directions, only the buttons have to be soldered.

Is it possible for everything else on a stick to work except for one direction constantly being on to mean its broken or is it just a short i need to figure out.