Arcade Stick Pondering

Anybody got unique ideas I could rip off when building a new stick? I’ve used cheapo Mayflash sticks to death, have a MadCatz TE modded to PS3/PC/Wii that is pretty boss. It’s really just a TvC stick modded out, still looks original though. Basically wanting cool ideas for the box/case and going to build/mod with Sanwa buttons and some good quality joysticks/switches. I’ve seen people use a lot of stuff like old consoles, cigar boxes, etc. I am looking for something a little larger and I’m just having a creativity block . . .

Lets see I seen a dual modded V-tech Smile Stick, a Bop-it rewired to be a controller, a old Tiger Electronics Driving tabletop game converted into a PC driving controller.
A Flight Sim controller built from actual throttle, stick and gauges from a real air plane, I seen quite a few Virtual-On Twin sticks including the one I modded from a Hrap - EX.
I seen someone shove a Raspberry Pi shoved into a Stick, a custom stick mod for someone who lacks arm strength because of a disorder Weak spring + soft switches + heavy bat top.
If it was not so expensive I will say make a replica Satan’s Hollow or Tron Panel, a stick made just for pinball games with a real working ball release thats hacked into the right analog.