Arcade Stick Problem


Lately With My Madcatz Te Stick, It Has Stopped Responding To All Left Inputs And Alot Of Down Ones, Anyone Ever Have A Similar Problem? I Was Going To Get A Brand New One But Decided Replaing Just The Stick Would Be Cheaper. Also Looking To Replace The Top Art For It If Anyone Knows Where To Get Some Cool New Decals For The Top?


Check to see if your joystick wire harness is on all the way and if you pull it off for any reason make sure its not upside down.

If that becomes a issue get a JLF-TE Harness for MadCatz FightSticks

If you got a multi meter, test the switches in question on your joystick in your TE.


Don’t forget to make sure the lock switch is set to DP.


I Always Set It To DPad,In Case You Were Wondering. Thanks For The Tip, I’ll Check The Connections Later On When I Wake Up. For All I Know It Might Have Just Come Loose; Does Get A Little Rough Sometimes In The Heat Of A Fight.


Well I Checked It Out And It Has Started Responding To Some Left Inputs, Although It Is Still A Little Iffy.