Arcade Stick Query, Possible Money Saver

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I’ve been avoiding learning how to use a stick for years now and I’m starting to feel the burn from it. I’m currently still playing with a controller :yawn: and feel that I’ve gotten about as good as I can possibly get with one. I’ve finally taken buying an arcade stick into consideration but the first problem I noticed was the price. Many of the top sticks seem to be $100+, which is a bit steep for a jobless high school student. :razzy: So I began to look into other possibilities and came upon the Tekken fighting stick priced around $60-$80. The reviews have been pretty good. The interior seems to be pretty solid for how much the stick is priced at. However being a noob to arcade sticks I’m not sure how they’re structured and whether or not a tekken fighting stick is specifically built for tekken, and whether or not anything on this particular stick would hinder gameplay.

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Those sticks are reported to have lag. I wouldn’t bother with it.

That’s a shame. I was planning on using it for mvc3. I’d still like to hear any other thoughts on it though.

Yeah, wireless sticks like the Tekken 6 one are not recommended if your main focus is to improve. The stock parts are pretty bad in comparison to Madcatz. It is also a pain to mod if you have no soldering experience.

WWE Brawl Stick is $60 at Gamestop. It’s the best stick in this price range IMO. It is also easy to mod down the road, if you so choose.

Heh, I’d feel like a complete tool with that artwork but it seems pretty reliable from what I’m reading. Has anyone had any experience using it?

Putting art on an SE/Brawl stick is easy as hell. I’ve modded two of those now and It took me about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The buttons are more sensitive and responsive than Hori ones are. The stick itself isn’t that bad but it is a little too small for my hands. As said before, if you ever feel like putting custom artwork and Sanwa/Seimitsu buttons on the Tekken stick, you will have a hard time.

Here is tutorial with pics of the process.

It’s basically a Madcatz standard edition that has been rebranded, and a lot of people have used an SE. I am not one of those people, but those that have purchased one around here seemed to be pleased with it. You may want to swap out the artwork at some point, although I would swap out the buttons and joystick before going into any artwork customization as the tabs on the buttons are prone to breaking upon removal.

I have really small hands so that’ll be perfect. As for swapping anything out I have absolutely no experience in handiwork whatsoever and have no patience or precision for such things unfortunately. I’d probably have to look into getting some kind of local game shop or something to do it for me.

tbh, if you are going to spend $60 on a SE and mod buttons, I’d rather just go with a Madcatz TE, I’m sure at Evo you’ll see coupon codes for like 20% off or something, if anything, you could always use the crosscounter coupon code and get 10% off, TE’s run around $100-$130, depending on the artwork mainly (at least the cheap ones). I got mine for $130

Eh, I really don’t plan on modding anything because I break anything I try to put together for starters. If I could find someone to do it for me I’d be all for it lol. Either way though, I’m just looking for a stick to start me off. Thanks for all the help everyone :slight_smile:

Well I just don’t want to put the Tekken 6 as an option because you may run into more problems than you would want. The Hori EX2 was my first Japanese style stick (similiar to the Tekken stick in design), but I regret having purchased it when the SE came out because of all that it offered.

It may be just me, but I just graduated from High School 2 months ago and my impatient nature was well satiated after modding the SE at that time lol. I made the custom art using Gimp, but you could request someone to do for you here in this forum. It really does add a bit of personality to your stick! Your efforts will be rewarded after looking at your own custom.

I’ve definitely ruled out the possibility of the tekken stick thanks to you guys, and the art is not a problem for me as I do a decent amount of graphic design, (amateur albeit :D). The actual putting it together is what worries me as I am in no way handy. I’m the kind of person that has trouble opening cardboard boxes but will gladly explain something in depth and complicated to you :rofl:.