Arcade Stick Query, potential money saver for all interested

First post :clapdos:

I’ve been avoiding learning how to use a stick for years now and I’m starting to feel the burn from it. I’m currently still playing with a controller :yawn: and feel that I’ve gotten about as good as I can possibly get with one. I’ve finally taken buying an arcade stick into consideration but the first problem I noticed was the price. Many of the top sticks seem to be $100+, which is a bit steep for a jobless high school student. :razzy: So I began to look into other possibilities and came upon the Tekken fighting stick priced around $60-$80. The reviews have been pretty good. The interior seems to be pretty solid for how much the stick is priced at. However being a noob to arcade sticks I’m not sure how they’re structured and whether or not a tekken fighting stick is specifically built for tekken, and whether or not anything on this particular stick would hinder gameplay.
Sorry for the link, the image function seems to be broken.

I think Tech Talk is a better place for this question. (Someone correct me if I’m wrong.)

Oh, thanks I guess you’re right :slight_smile: