Arcade stick question

I plan on buying a TE stick for the 360 for about 100 bucks. Since I want to be able to play with that same 360 TE stick on the PS3, I saw a Xbox 360 to PS3 converter for around 70 buck. I wanted to know if you guys feel it would be worth it to buy the converter or another stick for the PS3?

For that $70 you can dual mod it and have the best of both worlds in one stick.

Get the 360 stick and dual mod it with a chimp or cthulhu board:

if you cant solder like me i cant solder. try out the k.o gear by xcm :wink: for xbox360 controller to use on ps3

Id say get two TE’s anyways, then get a converter for the 360 one, Why i say this is so when your friends come over they can either use there stick or you can use your 360 converter and your ps3 stick on a ps3, so you both dont have to use controllers, Or if you got a GF, (No shit boy teach her to play ^.~ wanna play with the stick LMFAO, Sorry but i did this with my GF we actually had fun).

Yet she still hates it when i play ken ;(, Anyways that’s besides the point

I really appreciate the suggestions everyone :slight_smile: I see the advantages for all of the avenues that have been presented to me and I think I’ll take hacksparrow’s advice first. Then if I build enough courage, I’ll try drunk ninja and nightwalker’s suggestion. Finally, if I fail miserably at modding my sacrificial stick (my T6 Hori Stick, which is gutter trash), I’ll take Mr. Moon’s suggestion and just buy a PS3 stick :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for being so helpful