Arcade Stick Repair Help - Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE (xbox360) Joystick up/down broke

Joystick was working fine until suddenly and without warning the Up/Down moves on the Joystick completely stop working. When I move the joystick everything feels and sounds just fine, but the system no longer responds to Up or Down movements. Everything else is still working – Left and Right movements on the Joystick are still recognized, as are all the buttons No external evidence of failure.
I love this stick so much. I got a RAP-V to replace it but that thing is always cutting out or freezing up it’s really taken me out of some great runs. Plus I like buttons that really let you know when they’ve been pressed: you can hear it being pressed and you can feel it being pressed. This new one too mushy and soft. And way way too Quiet.

  1. Please tell me what is wrong with my stick?
  2. Can it be fixed?
  3. How do I fix it?
  4. If it is truly broken forever, please suggest a worthy replacement for my EX-SE – which controller has the quality and character necessary to fill the shoes of a great and truly beloved controller
  1. Probably busted switches.
  2. Yes
  3. Watch this video. The joystick in the video is different from the one in the HRAP EX-SE, but the idea is the same. Just make sure you buy the right switches.

Use the sticky threads next time.

For reference, the lever in your controller is a Seimitsu LS-32. I’m assuming it’s a pcb type- if so, you can replace the whole pcb (not a lot of sellers offer those, but I have seen them here: ), buy new solder in microswitches ( ), or replace all 4 with .187" connector microswtiches ( ) and use a .187" 5 pin connection harness ( ) to connect. The latter would be easier than de and re soldering, and would also make future switch replacement very simple. Of course, buying an all new LS-32-01 is also an option, but personally I see microswitches as a wear part anyways. No reason to buy a new car when the tires need replaced.

great analogy

You may also already knew how to do this since it’s so easy but there are some minor differences on how to take the ls32 apart so ill briefly explain how to take your joystick apart just in case

Tools you’ll need aside from the ones showed in the video:
Philips-head screwdriver

How to take apart the stick:
First off remove the 6 screw in the top panel then pull up on the joystick to reveal the HRAP guts now to remove the restrictor gate and the lower plate of the stick just grab your Philips head and remove all the screws now follow the video @SHSL_Street_Fighter linked you for how to replace the switches