Arcade Stick Stock Availability (Post updates here)

Please post here if you find a stick from a retailer that has a TE, HRAP, etc. in stock at a retail or near-retail price. No eBay auctions unless they’re also priced close to retail from a high feedback seller. If it looks like you’re trying to hustle us be prepared to have your post deleted. This isn’t the Trading Outlet.

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Street Fighter Sticks
Other FightSticks (HRAP)

French retailer will be having some SE and TE sticks on the 20th of May. I’m not sure if they ship to all Europe but it can be worth a try.

for UK: - PS3 TE, PS3 SE, 360 SE - PS3 TE, PS3 SE

Ebay - PS3 TE Retail Price Free P&P 99.6% seller:

NewEgg apparently has the SE in stock.

Sorry guys, this applies to southern california and anybody that lives close to Orange County. I did a bit of calling around and found Game Crazy has one PS3 TE in stock at their Harbor location. I was also told Norco and Chino have a few too. Good luck guys!

GAME CRAZY - 12913 HARBOR BLVD, GARDEN GROVE, CA 92840 (714) 590-2862

GAME CRAZY - 3800 GRAND AVE, CHINO, CA 91710 (909) 591-5633

GAME CRAZY - 1180 HAMNER AVE STE B, NORCO, CA 92860 (951) 736-3140 has 360 flight sticks

Sold out by amazon. It is available from other sellers thru amazon though

o you are right but its the same price thats y i messed up.

Wiialert just went off for 199 SF IV TE Bundle from gameshark store.

just picked up a ps3 stick from FRYs at fountain valley. saw a stack of x360 and ps3 ones when i went.

Just ordered from gameshark store. They still have SE sticks for PS3/360 as of now so now’s a good chance to nab one if you need it. If you buy from gameshark store, use GSSTORE for free shipping and also compare it (1 coupon per purchase) with the 10% discount you get from signing up for the newsletter. I found a $1 difference for my price between those discounts and I took it gladly.

just ordered my SE from Gameshark. Says 5-7 days shipping and 1-2 business days before they ship!!! So excited!!

Fry’s electronic in Plano, Texas has alot (30+) of Mad Catz SE Fightsticks in stock when I was there this evening.

Saw 4 PS3 SE Sticks at Frys in City of Industry. Sadly I didn’t check for TE Sticks or Xbox Sticks.

Frys in Fountain valley, CA had about 30 or so last time i checked

Does Fry’s stock any TE’s? Or do they only sell SE versions?

OmegaDante says he saw many TE at Fountain Valley Fry’s Electronics.
He said fifty Tournament Edition, but Chopstick217 say thirty of something.

I’m going to check it out in few hours.
See how many are available.

I don’t need any Sticks.

i didn’t specify. sorry. i saw a stack load of ps3/x360 TE sticks. i was suprised. normally stores only have the SE. I’ve never seen so many TE sticks in one place. They were going quick though. By the time was done paying, there were less than 10 left.

Frys at Fountain Valley 10800 Kalama River Avenue 92708 (714) 378-4400 good luck to those still in need.

Oh wow.
Maybe they went from fifty, to thirty, then ten.


lol going quick. I bet they will be gone tomorrow morning