Arcade Stick Style/Art/Mods


I just saw an article about the Hori UMvC3 stick for the 360, and had to laugh because many thought it was ugly.
I actually have one and it functions really well (even after I get ticked at missing a move and pound my fist on the left of the joystick which I seriously need to cease), though I dislike the start button’s placement and the multi-color buttons, I guess I could mod the buttons, but why does PS3 get great mono-tone buttons and not 360?
The buttons on this thing are VERY responsive, and I like the square gate.
That said, I am curious about how important one’s style of arcade stick is(I’m sure there are style whores or flashy players that want to have the slickest stick like they would have the nicest car), the ideal mods and how one keeps their stick from disappearing at a tournament or gathering?


the HRAP design owns the TE design. I’m glad the QRAF4 has a similar design, cuz I wanna get rid of my TE for one.

But to answer your question, you can buy a stick bag, custom art insert with a plexiglass cover, change out the buttons for your own favorite colors, change the ball top to what ever you want, be it a bat top, or mesh, clear, bla bla. In other words, customize it and make it your own.


What do you dislike about the TE? I am thinking about getting a TE S as many people seem to swear by them.


i’ve had 10ish TE’s. (RD1, RD2, FF, Chuns)
and about 5 Hori’s.

i won’t hesitate to tell someone to buy a TE.
just personal preference, but i prefer the build quality of hori.
the QC of the TE’s range so much.

the multicolored buttons are because microsoft forces them to do that, or else microsoft won’t officially license the product.
ps3 doesn’t care. so you get a nice color scheme.

what you should really focus on is dual modding it first, so you can attend tournies.
after that, you can mod art/buttons/joystick/etc.
and just hold onto your stick. or put it in a backpack.
most of the time people won’t touch your stuff, but you can’t really trust everyone ;D


The TE-S’s are good. The fact that they are slimmed down makes them feel less bulky. The TEs in general aren’t bad. I just don’t like hate how it bulky it is, and the way it feels in my lap. I’ve owned a Blaz Blue TE and a Round 2 TE. Both were okay (even though the Blaz Blue one had wiring issues) But I’ve used an HRAP3, QRAF4, TE-S, and a VLX. VLX’s look nice, but they take up waaay too much space.


Eh, I will probably get one for Ps3 too. I collect certain video games and arcade sticks…
I like the HORI’s responsiveness. I couldn’t care LESS about the art and such forth at this point as I need to focus WAY More on my gameplay.
My main contention with the UMvC stick is the start and back button placement. I like the MC TE S start/back set up.
THANKS Osiriskidd!


Yeah, I know what you mean about the start/select buttons. When I get used to playing on Hori, I tend to tap the side of my TE, thinking my start button is there and Vice versa. for me, making my stick look different kinda of mattered more than getting it dual modded, because the tournaments I used to go all had both set ups, and a shit ton of sticks. A lot of people didn’t bother with the looks, but changed stuff like restrictor plates, and buttons.


if the button placement is really an issue, you can change it with some more modding.
its as easy as drilling some 24mm holes on the side or top of your case.
i also mention dual modding first, because that can be the most expensive of your stick mods.

my favorite sticks have been the Hori V3-sa and the VLX. both of which have the start button to the right.
VLX is a bit big, but its the boss daddy sticks. comfy, doesn’t move, metal parts.


SIIIICK!!! You definitely have the mod thing down or are paying for it, lol.
The FFVII stick is the same build I have for UMvC3 (which is what model?). I have the stock JP version and I had to move my 3P/3K right next to the stick because I kept hitting start when I went to press them. I am trying to just hit all 3 so I keep my fingers in one place.
I feel I have to get MUCH better before I get HelloNasty(RIP MCA) on the mod shtuff.hehe
Nice Foot btw, LOL
You on XBL or just PSN?


your UMvC3 is basically the same model, just grey if i remember right.
modding is a hobby. and it can bring in some extra cash locally if you’re one of the few that does it.

if you’re willing to mess up a little, spend hours reading, Tech Talk is always there to help.
i butchered my first 2 dual mods, and after that everything went buttery smooth.

also, if its any incentive. if you get the Xbox version of any stick, dual modding is easier. you’ll spend like 10$ on new buttons though lol.

i’m on both psn and xbl, but mainly xbl.


I have considerable art skills so I will probably be the guy making the custom artwork for sticks, not the modder. Who knows though? lol
Are you the same name as here on XBL?


yes. osiriskidd on xbl.


Brother how did you mod the stick’s artwork without having dents of the screw holes? I’m a newbie at modding Hori’s fightsticks with artworks btw, if you could give me some insights I’d appreciate a lot!

Your works look sick!!!


If you watch tourney’s, most of the pros play with stock sticks. I think stick artwork is mainly a passion of the Online Warrior…


I guess it is a vinyl sticker, like the default one on the Hori RAP sticks. The glossiness on the hori premium stick looks at least that it is vinyl.
I recently modded my quite new Hori RAP4 Kai with a plexi top-panel and you see the screws of course. Since the screw holes are negative (lowered) you need to put washers there and then put the artwork on top of it.
The plexi won’t bend in when you screw it down then. (link to pictures of my stick)