Arcade stick that works on pc

hi guys.
i am a total noob with all these terms on here that i’ve been reading so if you reply could you spell things out for me. i wuold like to get a arcade stick that defo works on my pc.
i stumbled on this little community by sheer luck, i just got myself 1 of them subsonic joysticks and its not worked with my pc. i dont know how good they are or arent but the joystick feels a bit floppy can i change the stick quite easily?

would i be better off goin for the likes of the Hori Arcade Fighting Stick for like 40?

i only really play/got street fighter 4 in terms of fighting games so didnt wanna spend all that much.

i do like the feel of the subsonics button its just the joystick but i cant see me keeping it if it doesnt work on the pc.

should i look for a ps3 stick or xbox stick?

hope you guys can help me with this as the 360 controller a dog to play with :smiley:

many thanks guys

Any Xbox 360 arcade stick will work fine on PC. Your options are the Hori EX2 (cheapest, but a pain to change buttons or stick if you ever need to), the Madcatz SE (a little more expensive, but buttons and stick can be replaced very easily and without soldering), and the Madcatz TE (most expensive, but uses all actual arcade parts and will last a very long time).

Here’s some links for each stick I mentioned:


Madcatz SE:

Madcatz TE:

Typically anything that works with Xbox 360 will work with Windows without much hassle, in my experience. Hori sticks are an inexpensive solution, MadCatz fightsticks are OK too. If you are getting the cheaper one, I’d go with the hori, but if you want a good retail stick that’s high quality, try the MadCatz TE Fightstick. Or, just get a custom from someone here, if you have that kind of money.

Also since you are in the UK (I’m assuming since you mentioned currency), a great place to look for upgrade parts is

cool thanks guys, yes i am from the UK. i take it though you can replace any thing on any joystick though? like if i bought the hori thing i could take it apart and put in better joystick if i need to?.
am quite handy with a soldering iron as i used to build radio controlled cars.
thanks for the replies guys really good to know that people will help a noob :D.
i really didnt want to spend over 40 as i really will just use it for SF4 and i dont play it that much more of a FPS person.
i also noticed the hori has only got 6 buttons would prefer 8 how hard it is to add another in there? i got hole saws :smiley:
how hard is it to make my own? am a joiner and could use ply wood but wouldnt know where to start with the internals are there walk throughs?

rodney morrison

p.s. is there any drivers for this subsonic ps3 thing for my pc? thanks

Not sure about the subsonic, but modding a Hori stick sucks. At least in my experience. The button holes have annoying tabs, and the lower end sticks are way too shallow to put good parts in easily. I mentioned the madcatz sticks because they are notoriously easy to mod. Also, they come with 8 buttons.

These forums have tons of useful threads, just do a search and you should be able to find something.

Mayflash sticks work on pc no problems but they are the absolute bottom of arcade stick food chain (in quality and price)