Arcade stick tips : which one to buy

Hello and first of all please to meet you all. I’m TOGOpuff, a brazilian fighting games player and after several years playing on a duhmass controller i finally decided to step my game up, spend a little more money and get a arcade stick. I lurked the internet a little bit for prices on amazon and ebay (even fearing the taxes that might happen when it cross the border) but i found a problem that i can’t solve alone and i thought “hey i should create a srk account at last and ask help from that community, so here am i.”

The problem here is : I am a pc gamer and i am looking for a arcade stick with good compatibility. We are on ps4 gen but most fighting are still on ps3/sbox360 and i want to be able to bring my arcade stick to the tournaments i go to. Which means it would be great if i could get a full compatible arcade stick that could last me the next gen. I don’t even know if this is possible. The closer i got to it was the Qanba Q4 Q4RAF , bu i’m not sure i’ll like the ball stick (that would be the least of my problems i can just mod it if so) but i don’t know if that is the best buy for me, specially considering next gen fighters arriving 2015 and not being able to compete on them console wise (ps4/xboxone)

Can you give me some advice on what arcade stick to get ? I’ll be saving money and i’m willing to spend 'till $200~250 on this.

Thanks in advance and don’t drop those combos !

Read this thread…

oh god. Sorry for creating this thread i should’ve lurked moar. Thanks for the directions.