Arcade Stick Trouble

A year ago, I bought a Mayflash PC0043, for PS3, PS2 and PC. I know it’s a cheap ass stick, but It does the job, and had a lot of fun with it.
Now, the PS4 came, and the SFV, and every time I plug in my stick, the only thing I get is a pop up telling me that I can’t use PS3 wireless pads (wtf? My stick is not wireless!).

The PS4 pad is shit, every time I try to activate the V Trigger, pushing R1 and R2 at the same time is uncomfortable. So, I’m between 2 options: Mod my mayflash or buy another stick.
I know a guy who modded his mayflash with seimitsu components (only stick and buttons), but he can use it. But I’m afraid that after modding it I wont be able to use it in my PS3.

Buying a new one might be the option, and my choices are the new Mayflash (but I’m not sure about the need to plug the PS4 controller into the stick).

The question is: Best cheap sticks?

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Your cheap Mayflash stick works on the PS3 by mimicking a Six Axis or Dual Shock 3 controller.
So the Legacy Drivers on the PS4 will also read it as a Six Axis or Dual Shock 3 controller.

Sony allows for backwards compatibility with specialized controllers for various games (like Driving or Fighting Games) and technically an arcade stick is a specialty controller.
Sony’s one stipulation to developers is they had to exclude the Sony Dual Shock 3 and Sony Six Axis controllers.

To try to get maximum compatibility, grey market manufacturers like Mayflash who does not have Sony licensing tries to mimic the most compatible controller they can find which is the Sony Six axis and Dual Shock 3 controllers.

If you are in Europe, the Venom stick is very affordable and is capable to be modded with standard Japanese arcade parts.
It uses the same case as the Version 2 Mayflash stick.

You can also use any number of PS4 boards, from the board out of a Hori Fighting Commander PS4 controller to one of Brooks PS4 PCBs.
And if you are worried about PS3 compatibility, PS4 controllers are compatible with the PS3.
Most 3rd party controllers have a mode switch to switch the controller from PS3 and PS4 modes, and the controller will still work with basic functions on PS4 mode.
The Brook boards auto detect which console you use.

You can also get a Brooks converter PS3 to PS4.

Thank you. Are there any way of giving you good reputation or anything?

Edit: Just saw the venom arcade stick. Seems pretty much like this one

Edit 2: Found this, and looks like the best choice (also, I’ll be able to use other PS3 pads and play against my friends), but Brooks doesn’t include Mayflash on the compatibility list. Could you confirm that this will work with my stick?

Also… What’s the deal on sanwa components?

PS: Trouble Brewing, my apologies

That f300 sick requires an actual controller to be connected for authentication on all but ps3 and 360. It’s a good case, and fine for pc (has an xinput mode, which is handy), but you’re much better off with the venom for ps4 use.