Arcade stick used in real street fighting


You guys remember my custom stick? You know, the one with the stapler wiring? Here’s a reminder for those who don’t. It was made from an awesome QCF case. Well, that case may have saved my life. See, I babysit for my dad’s friends, and they live walking distance away. I was walking home one night, with a laptop bag slung on my arm (with my PS3 in it), and my arcade stick in the other hand, held in 2 grocery bags. Near my house there are some apartments, and some of the people there are a bit, how do you say, “rowdy”. Well, that night, a man I’m assuming lived there came wandering across the street towards my back driveway. As I drew closer, he started mumbling about the bag across my arm. I decided to ignore him, but as I walked past him, he grabbed at the strap on my shoulder, getting more of my shoulder than the strap. Without hesitating, I swung at him… with the arcade stick. It hit the side of his head with a loud crack (loud enough to wake my dad), and he fell to the ground. I rushed inside, and called the police as he got back up and hobbled off. Turns out the guy had stolen a car from a friend of his and driven it home drunk. After the police left, I examined my weapon of choice. I’m not sure exactly if it was the bags making the sound or what, but the case… was perfectly fine. The insides had been completely knocked loose, however I tried it out on my ps3 first. Down didn’t work, and 3 of the buttons were out (wiring knocked loose). I ordered the proper wire online, and redid the wiring on it, and it works better than ever. The morale of today’s story is: QCF gaming’s cases are really durable. Lol.




wow versatile, every one should have an arcade stick!!



Wow that’s quite a story, glad you got out of it okay. Who would’ve thought your stick would save you!

Shame the insides got rattled around like that but wow.


Holy shit now even people who don’t play fighters should carry a QCF arcade stick.


so…what was the stick motion you used for that move? QCF? SRK? Or was it a charge move.


That’s my kind of arcade stick!


I demand rigorous testing. We need to know which custom stick is best for self defense.


Good thing you’re not a pad player.


He was obviously using a charge move.


^ charge moves would be too slow in that situation. Most likely a QCF+P


good thing for the would-be robber that you don’t use a MAS


Depends, if it were an old Genesis pad, it might have taken the guys head off.


haha u bossed dat boy up


could have stored the charge like Chun and E.Honda’s super in SSF2T.


but the round started before MaxSonic realized it, it seemed…and the opponent rushed him down right away. no time to store the charge imo : /

well, maybe max realized the match started earlier and was holding downback just incase.

but I think it was most likely the previous scenario


You should be proud. I would have stomped his head with my heel just to be safe before I ran inside.

Can we have pics of anything related to the story? Dude you fucked up?


no dude, store the charge. you can activate it, and hold forward, walk forward and then hit Punch.

not precharging


I know what a stored charge is. I’m saying, the round started and max got rushed down before he even had a chance.


imagine if it was one of the aluminum cases.


imagine if you swung it with your ps3 … and not your stick