Arcade Stick versus Gamepad

Which do you prefer, arcade stick or gamepad?
(Now, I know this little topic has been absolutely driven into the ground, but I need this poll as hands on research for my public speaking class.)
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I don’t understand how you can compare AS and gamepad. It’s how you campare space ship and cycle :rofl:

I just started playing with Stick 2 months ago. I bought an almost unused Regular HRAP for almost nothing, I’m currently awaiting 6 x Sanwa OBSF-30RG to replace those shitty Hori-buttons.
When I lose because of bad directional inputs, I tend to use pad. Also my stepping is very shitty with stick, though I’m slowly progressing. I prefer Stick over Pad in style, but at the moment I am much better on a pad ;.

Hey, Riki, mind if I quote you on that? I can use your initials or whatever you please.

Yeah sure.

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Yes, It’s hard to get away from what you are used to, for sure. After playing CvS2 on Gamecube for so long, I actually bacame accustomed to that terrible, crooked stick. Not that I think it’s a terrible controller, it’s just not too good for fighters (or shmups for that matter.)
Off topic: God that game had some butchered attack names (Fireball?)

I recently dropped my pad habit. Had been using a pad since World Warrior on SNES, so you could say I was really used to playing pad.

I went out and got me a HRAP 2 and forced myself to use it all the time. It’s been probably 2-3 months and now that I’m used to it I’ll never go back. Everything seems easier from super motions to combo execution.

I’ve heard somewhere on this very site, that HRAP’s should be the 3D fighting gamer’s choice apparently this isn’t true. I’ve seen Shady K use a HRAP when he fought against TDP, and you use a HRAP 2 yourself.

All circular motions seems to be enhanced greatly, especially 360’s which are 10 tmes easier to pull off on a stick.

I gotta try out a Seimitsu someday.

I voted stick.
I had been using pads all my life too, but I modded some sticks and forced myself to use nothing but them. Now it has paid off.


HRAP’s come with Sanwa standard, unless it’s a special edition HRAP. I’ve heard people say the same thing that Sanwa’s should be used for 3-D games. Personaly I really like the square restrictor plates that come on Sanwa’s. For me it helps me hit corners better. I’ve never used a Seimitsu though so I have no basis for comparision.

I prefer arcade stick. For years and years growing up i only used a game pad and thought it was the better option. However, in the little time I have had my own custom stick, i have really come to prefer it a lot more. Now I will only play fighters on a stick exclusively.

There are quite a few things that can only be done on a stick well. Like Dan’s bomb and akuma’s raging demon in MVC2, that require a quick ‘typing’ process to perfrom them. On a pad those moves were almost impossible! On a stick it is no problem. Also Iron Man and WM’s smartbombs are a pain to do on a pad.

Combos too. I love being able to ‘type’ attacks fast on stick.

I used to think the same thing, but now i can play fighters on a stick as well if not BETTER than using a pad. I can do stuff faster also.

The transition is tough as first but you will adjust before ya know it.

yup, took me a while
but got used to it in no time :tup:


Stick. I only recently got one, but execution in general is so much easier.

whats your …paper/presentation about?
just sticks vs controllers?

I play on whats available and right now that’s a 360 pad (RAWR), but im planning to get a stick ASAP

Depends on the game, really.

I mean, a stick may be better for Virtua Fighter n, but I can’t imagine playing Smash Bros. with one.

stick. HCFx2, HCBx2, 360s, and 720s are so much easier on a stick.
besides, does anybody want to give their thumbs blisters? not me. :cool: