Arcade Stick VS Arcade

I recently went to Planet Zero in Houston, Texas since I live about 10 minutes away from it and played their SSFIV AE. The question I wanted to ask was what parts are in the actual arcade cabinet, as in what type of stick and buttons. The reason I’m asking is because the stick and buttons were very, very smooth. From what I’ve heard, the TE is supposed to have the exact same parts and that’s what I have, but the arcade felt a lot smoother.

Maybe your stick is dirty? :rofl:

Seriously though, perhaps it’s an american arcade cab? The TE is designed after the japanese arcade cabs which is entirely different than american cabs. There could’ve been P360s in there.

Never been to PZ, but i know what you mean about the stick and buttons being smooth at the arcade. That’s the result of a lot of use and the usual wear 'n tear. UFO in Austin uses all sanwa parts, too.
just play with your stick more; sounds like you just gotta break it in more to get that smooth.
It’s up to you, really. I actually added a spring to my joystick b/c I didn’t like the way it felt. so it’s w/e

Yea, I was thinking that I should just play with it more until it becomes that smooth. But the parts are identical, correct? If not, I want to switch to whatever’s in that cab. Everything was so much easier to execute, lol.

well yeah they are theoretically the same. Sanwa Joystick and Sanwa Buttons. They might be using a different square gate tho, even tho both use square gates, they might be using a different square gate that makes it easier to execute. I wouldn’t know, but as far as i know they started out the same as a TE stick

There are still arcades here Houston!!? :amazed: :woot:

There’s a tech talk board? Really?!?!?!??!

I heard about that place recently, Its just TOO far for me. Im on the EXTREME south side of houston.
Is it any good? Do they have Capcom Vs SNK 2?

It depends on the arcade, the ones I usually go to still have good ol Happ parts.

Yeah planet zero has cvs2. And I highly doubt a vewlix cab running ssf4 AE would be using american controls. I wish I felt the same way you did about the sticks. I have a hard time using the sticks at PZ they feel so worn down and loose to me. I often hit up on accident. But that’s just me there are plenty of people there who love those controls. You should really check out planet zero if you live in houston.

My local arcade hasn’t got SSFIV AE yet but I can tell you that it should the cab and the my VLX should feel the same(well the buttons, my stick has been swapped out for a Seimitsu now). But yeah, if you’re a usual arcade goer that uses Japanese cabs(Sega and Taito) then the only thing that should change the feeling from cab to stick is the game itself(SFIV had different speeds apparent from Arcade to 360) and the fact that the control panels are mounted solid on the arcade cabs.

Sweat and tears roll down the faces of people at the arcade, snowballing their facial skin grease down until they eventually drip onto the joysticks and buttons, giving them a special lubrication you can not achieve at home on your personal stick.

Also the hollowness and size of the panel can change the way the parts feel and sound.

This made my day! :wgrin:

last game i played in the arcades was… hmmmmm… tekken 3??

when i recently tried AE i couldn’t adjust to the cabinet. the close screen position. stick feel. buttons. for a new cabinet it was worn out. none responsive buttons and stick. (had difficulties dashing at times)

im so spoiled by my TE and HRAP3 (modded with Sanwa parts). the most awkward thing for me was the fixed horizontal position of the stick. im used to having the stick on my lap.

Ultra motion = EX CS.

my sticks > arcades :china:


I honestly only feel that “smooth” arcade feel in Hori sticks. I seriously think it has something to do with the casing, because I’ve swapped the same Sanwa parts between my TE’s and HRAP3’s, and I just didn’t really like the feel of TE’s compared to my HRAP3.

I also have a VX and a VLX and I really like them too, but I prefer the “feel” of my HRAP3 modded with Sanwa parts the most.

I think they use seimitsu sticks with sanwa buttons…Last time I went and played on their 3s i was loving how it felt…I sent them a message on facebook on what kind of stick it was or what not, but never got a reply.

Yeah it could be Seimitsu stick but you also got to factor in that you’re playing on an arcade cab…Its going to be me more secure & stable then a stick.

If it’s only 10 min away, go drive back and ask. They won’t bite. No real use for this thread other than to mention that Texas is where it’s at. 2 SSF4:AE’s in Texas. What Yall know about that.

it’s good to know that there are still some arcades left in the US.