Arcade Stick VS Arcade

I play on a coffee table my stick doesn’t move anywhere. The stick also felt like it had a spring, since i noticed a bit more tension on it than my sanwa.

For those who haven’t been to PZ, they use all sanwa parts since it’s a Japanese arcade. Reason why the controls seem more smooth than the TE sanwa parts because the arcade’s has more users on the cab so they’re broken in much quicker. It took me at least 4 months to break in my HRAP 3:SA since I was the sole user of that stick.

Maybe you need to get some shin etsu grease to get the smoothness back in your TE. My marvel vs capcom stick was dry. Cleaned it up and put some grease on the pivot bushing and its silky smooth.

What part of Houston is it located? I’m on the south side Houston near Hwy 288 & Pearland.

Debating/ Discussion Arcade Stick VS Arcade Cab is alot like talking about Home Entertainment center vs Movie Theater.

If you got a Hori, TE or any of the more reasonable Arcade sticks or have a nice custom stick, then you do/should have all the same parts as am arcade cabinet. Yes there are alot of differences with Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happs, LL and even Wico Parts.
But having Sanwa parts at home and Happs in a Video Arcade does not mean you have to get all Happs parts to make that feeling at home. In the arcades, countless people used those controls, so they have than well-worn or broken-in quality to the feel of the controls. You also have to account for the atmosphere of the place. You could drop Thousands into a home theater / home entertainment center hardware and never replicate the feeling you get watching a film in a actual movie theater.

What you can try to do, is have your joystick lubed, as for the buttons I am sure the same silicone grease would not hurt ether (I would put a much smaller amounts on buttons). Other than that I tell you to twiddle your stick more till you reach you goal (no pun intended).

More proof that tears make the best lube.

…stop looking at me like that.


Yessir! Love my hometown of SoCal for the weather…but Htown’s closer to me nowadays so I’m excited I can finally play SSF4: AE!

So do they have actual Vewlix cabs?!? I gotta check it out next time I’m in Htown since my fiancée lives down there.

Planet Zero

11920A Westheimer Rd

       **Houston, TX 77077**