Arcade stick with integrated Nintendo 3DS for Street Fighter 4 ~ Feasible?

I was wondering if anyone else was planning to do this. I figured since there were only six buttons on the N3DS this would be a plausible/practical idea. There are a few questions/worries though.

  1. The way the nintendo 3ds screen works, would the stick have to be at a certain angle/elevation to function properly?
  2. Would the 3ds have any sort of anti-hacking safeguards to prevent people from opening it up and tampering with the hardware at all

If there is anyone else that could possibly offer any practical input on making this a reality, I would sincerely appreciate it.

I have plans to do this provided I have the funds to do so. Since it would be too expensive to get one just to keep it in a stick I plan to mod the system to connect to the stick through some plug interface.

  1. don’t know if it needs a certain angle/elevation to function properly, but since it has a hinge you can just adjust it to your viewing angle.

  2. the only anti-hacking safeguards it would have would be the triwing screws nintendo uses.

Being as I’ve already connected a DS system to one of my sticks, I doubt doing the same for the 3DS will be any harder. Only thing different really would be the addition of a analog stick to worry about.

Yeah, video-out/controller hacks for DS are pretty simple, doubt 3DS will be very different.

I was planning on doing this with my GP2X at 1 point, essentially making a portable mame cab, but then my gp2x died :frowning: