Arcade Stick


Need some advice about getting an arcade stick.


What is the best arcade stick to get for fighting games on your pc? It would nice to have compatibility for ps3. Thanks


A 360 TE dual modded with a Chimp.


if ur just going to use it for ps3 and pc just get a ps3 stick. they work with pc also anyways


Get a Chun Li PS3 TE. They made some improvements to the PCB so that it is compatible with the PC. The older PS3 TE had compatibility issues with PC depending on Motherboard Hardware.

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The best arcade stick would be something completely custom made to your personal preference, fitted with either a standard PS3 Cthulhu or a Dual Strike v1.

Best factory built stick? Well, that’s open to some debate. TE, Qanba3, VSHG… I’d say one of those. TE’s are much easier to find though, you just need to double check what’s inside your PC to see if there will be compatibility issues (unless you want to pay top price for the limited Chun Li edition?).


I wouldn’t think Quanba3 can compete with TE or other same tier product.


Q3 wireless sticks are wireless which makes them illegal for some tournaments. The Empire Arcadia stick from Qanba is pretty comparable to the TE though. In some ways it’s even better (better PCB, comes with plexi out of the box, comes with two button plugs right out of the box, has a convenient handle built in). It does have some flaws though (glossy finish looks great but seems like it might get scratched easily, shorter cable out of the box).

EDIT: HRAP V3 SA sticks are also really good (PCB has less lag than the Madcatz one, easier to stow the cable in the storage compartment, lighter so it’s easier to carry around all day). It also has some flaws though (no easy way to mod the art, lighter so people who like heavy sticks will be put off).


Maybe a Namco with some adapters? They turn up cheap sometimes.


Qanba3 has a better PCB, rechargable battery, better quality case IMO as it’s made from wood, comes with plexi, 8 Sanwa buttons and a JLF, detachable USB cable, and 6 recessed 24mm buttons on the side which makes the installation of a Datel/Paewang pcb a breeze.

It’s not without it’s faults, just like any other stick. TE’s after all are far from perfect (the rubbish PCB being the biggest problem). So yes, I’d say the two were in the same league in regards to quality, just for different reasons.


Hehe, based on the reason your provide, i think I agree. As you said, I was looking at them in a different way.


Get a Hori stick. More likely than not you’ll have no problems playing on PC and PS3. HRAP3(-SA), HRAP V3-SA are damn good sticks for their price.


I would recommend HRAP V3-SA. I personally think it is more comfortable to use than TE.


I have a Neo-Geo MVS cabinet at home, an i get the full arcade fell with it, but i spend a lot of time on my girlfriend house, and i want a stick for casual use.
I would be nice no to pass like 150 dollars cuz i not gonna use that much, and im not gonna use it tournaments, because of 2 reasons im only really good on SNK titles cuz i practice at home and i want a control to play games like street fighter 4 mainly.
Btw: Im a neewbie at this, the SNK cabinet was a gift so im only starting to enter this world now, thank a lot for everyone help, you guys rule!! and sorry for some bad english cuz im from Portugal :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!!!
BTW2: A guy is trying to sell me a mayflash fighting stick for 18 dollars is this a good deal or is the stick a piece of crap?
Thanks :woot:


It’s crap (horrible button mapping, really bad quality buttons and joystick, cheap plastic shell)… but you could do worse for $18.

Why not take advantage of the current Mad Catz buy one get one free offer and sell the other stick? That’s as good an offer as you’re gonna get brand new.


If it send to Portugal that what im gonna do, thank you so much : D


get a dual modded TE.