Arcade stick

Hi guys, I was wondering where I can find an arcade stick for the xbox one with a 6 button layout where it is straight across, not rainbow across and one that has the long straight joystick, not the ball one?

And if there isn’t one like that out there, what sites should I look to order a custom one from? thanks.

Before you make any other posts about arcade sticks please read these, they were made to answer noobie questions kinda like this one.



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Hello, see your new to arcade sticks so let me break it down.

Even though fighting games only require 6 buttons, the standards for arcade stick manufacturers is 8 buttons. And no manufactures makes a arcade stick where the buttons are in 2 parallel lines, all arcade stick layouts have a curved style. So with this in mind the only xbox one arcade sticks are the Razer Atrox, and the Killer Instinct Stick. But they there both fairly expensive (200$ or more.)

And you can’t buy custom sticks from retailers, your meant to buy a stock stick and customize it yourself (which is really easy.) So if a arcade stick comes with a ball top you can just change it to a bat top(the long straight one).

I just remembered the MAS ones I used to play on just like this one, Do they carry one for the Xbox one like that without the front lip on it? I can’t find it on the site. And are they quality arcade sticks?

Also, how much would it cost do make a custom one? And do you have a link to a video guide on how to make a custom one?

There are a few vids on youtube if you search on how to go about assembling a stick. As far as making one from scratch, well make a box…

It might be easier to just get a custom from foehammer.
You will need to contact doug or shep @ so you can have them custom build for what you want though. They are awesome folks and do a great job. They do XBONE sticks as well.
I usually source all my cases from them but they do full builds first and foremost. You can see a lot of their work at the site or

Cost wise you are looking at (ballpark number here) at least $300 for a custom depending on what you want to put into it. (xbone aint cheap)
I have built sticks that parts alone have tipped the 600 mark… ouch… lol

Since you are looking for straight six… you could go with an x-arcade solo for the case since it is just $50 (JUST FOR THE CASE, THE PARTS ARE HORRIBLE). But you will need to figure out how to padhack/use a crossbone for the PCB.

^^^ what did you put into a stick where the parts cost $600? Gold? I have a titanium hollow shaft, optical pcb, custom ball top, PAS clear OBS plunger tops, all LED Panzer wide body that didn’t come anywhere near that. Stick and buttons shouldn’t top $85 for all Sanwa, a Crossbone with the works from PAS or Jasenscustoms ~$50. An XBONE PCB ~$50. A Panzer ~$100. $300 is about right.

American straight buttons would have to be custom. Foehammer it’s a good option, magocyber, maybe Nitewalker if he is back. Couple of other options out there.

AMP Up Customs makes TE2 panels. The first one Angel made? Straight 6 button.

Actually… yes… real gold leaf was used in this one lol and the stuff inside/outside adorning it wasnt cheap… this was a gift for @Kuya_Joe‌ … fellow Marine, amazing friend and all around the coolest guy I know. Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

and these are B15 cases… expensive builds but beautiful…

LOL!!! Nice, I was joking, but I must have secretly been channeling my inner Nostradamus. Hardly fair to use that as an example of a potential build for a noob. I’m currently playing around with using an Ikea shelf (23" wide, white melamine, $4) and a crap ton of pine bed slats ($9) to build a cheap enclosure. I think all told, including paint and incidental costs, it shouldn’t go over $30 for a wide body. Not sure if OP has any wood working skills.

so does anybody know if mas makes ones like the one I linked for the xbox one?

I seriously doubt MAS makes Xbox one sticks. They’re hardly on the cutting edge of technology. With MAS it’s always kind of hard to know if they still even make/sell sticks.

TLDR: You’d probably have to buy a used one and mod it.

Nope they don’t, the last mas sticks were sold about a year ago and they never got into messing with Xbox one/ps4 pcb’s. Your best bet if you want a mas stick with Xbox one compatibly is to find a old mas stick that someone is selling and have a modder (like Gummo etc.) change out the pcb and wiring to a Xbox one padhack. It would also be a good time to change the joystick to a iL competition and change the buttons to iL convex or concave buttons with the 75g cherry microswitch option. Both the joystick and the buttons are available from paradise arcade. With that setup you will have what you are looking for.

Standard MadCatz TE2 has 6 buttons in a straight layout.
just ignore the 2 buttons on the left lol


Does anybody have this stick for sale in white or black?, That’s the stick I want, and I can’t seem to find one for sale anywhere.

Hopefully this will one works for you

hey bobo thanks for that, that was exactly what I wanted, I posted on ebay and literally there was some guy that posted at 3 seconds left to outbid me, how depressing lol, I don’t think ill find another stick like that and I don’t like the other sticks. If anybody has that stick for sale, please let me know.

If I get that panel, doesn’t somebody have to change the buttons since they are already in a rainbow setting?

Well you still have to transfer the buttons over

foehammer wanted $400 for a version of that stick

Anybody know if madcatz or a quality maker is coming out with a new stick for xbox one? The customization options seem to be $400+ or a DIY, which looks like you have to be a genius for, thanks.