Arcade Stick

Hi there,

I want to get an arcade stick for my 2d fighting games, but I don’t know whats important and whats not.

Should I get a round stick, like the hori? (

Or a stiff like the SF? ( )
And what’s with the button positions? Should I get straight ones, or stepped, or waved, something else?

I know that sticks are systembound, but I just wanna know what I have to look for when buyin one to get a optimal fighting game stick :smiley:

Wrong forum, post this in tech talk. Delete the thread or whatever before you get an infraction.

But in all honesty, it’s 100% personal preference. Everyone likes different stuff and no one can tell you what is best for you. Pretty much everyone is going to tell you to get a Japanese lollipop stick though, unless you’re playing Marvel.


Wow, we can register Japanese characters as user names? Cool.

Sanwa sticks

If MvC2, Happ.

Thanks for nothing. If you compare a big HD-ready needlesharp TV with a 2-colored 60’s one, it’s sort of “personal preference” too. Like everything. I want to know WHY pple use whatever they do, so I can decide whats best for me. I’m not interessted in buyin 5 sticks just to get: “oh yeah, that one fits best, trash the rest”. Jeez -.-

wow, you’re a bastard. look at the stickies. you’re lucky he was kind enough to say anything more than “look at the stickies”.

New to sticks? LOOK HERE questions answered!!

Shut yo bitch ass up.

Slagcoin did an awesome job with that site, I wish I had something like that when I first started. Silly me, I read through numerous threads and bought a bunch of different parts to test.

Wow, he wasn’t even rude in his response. Completely uncalled for. A member since June, and haven’t looked through stickies?

You have a bright future here.

What… HD vs a black and white tv that is the single dumbest comparison I’ve yet to read. So with that said I think you should get one of these
:wgrin:I think you would like this the only thing you might not like is it does not vibrate when you sit on it.

Psssshhhh!!! He’ll mod that shit and make it happen!

People use it because they fucking want to, hence the PERSONAL PREFERENCE. They feel comfortable, which is why they use it. You can use some piece of shit garbage stick, and for some reason you like it/can use it well then USE IT. Personal Fucking Preference.

:rofl: have you ever been to an arcade? go play an old street fighter game. thats happ. go play Tekken 5. thats sanwa(right?) which ever you like more buy.

The T5 at my arcade is happ :mad:

why are you crying? go kill yourself and rectify the error your parents made when they decided to not have that abortion.

i vote this thread gets pinned…not so much for the ass kicking the guy is receiving, but his message that is conveyed in such simple terms:

he does not want to make a mistake…he is not made of yen…he does not want to buy 5 sticks…THANKS FOR NOTHING 2D FIGHTING GAMES!!! WHERE IS YOUR 3rd DIMINSION???

jeez infuckingdeed…


must not be a T5 cab :looney:

My towns T5 was even worse, it had an old leafswitch lollipop from a ms. pac-man/galaga cab.

my local Tekken tag has chinese knock offs… ahahha

and please, japanese named user, look at the stickies.