Arcade Stick

Oh my god.

I had great respect before you guys, but that’s gone now.
I didn’t even knew that there were even a tech forum, and you guys are relating to stckies. Great job. And great flame! Just keep on struggle on new members, thats the way.
This was my last post in this kiddie forum. Bye.


the rally cry of the new revolution

Wow. Just wow.

lol this thread is awesome.

You know it’s not easy to excuse laziness because it took me about 15 seconds to READ every forum title, but you can’t excuse the fact that when wild kitty lent a hand to help you, you basically tried to spit in his face with your rude ass comment. Then you CRY about respect well let me tell you where you lost respect I gained respect for everybody who ran your crying pampered ass out of these forums. Since you probably can’t read this whole comment I’ll use my favorite quote here

Welcome 2 tha internet. :cool:

Why are you guys so mean to the OP… It’s a hot chick! Start hollaring! Send your PMs!

OK, I’m going to ask this here. Wich stick is better for Marvel? I’ve been in this forums for 6 years and haven’t found the answer :0

Hell yeah, she is distraught after the severe ownage so you know getting in her guts would be easy. Although there is a 98% chance its a dude obsessed with loli hentai who went as far as to create a user name using hiragana.

Happ Perfect 360, second best would be Happ Competition stick, otherwise known as the Industria Lorenzo Eurostick.