arcade stick

new to arcade stick been looking for a few weeks which one to get i found 1 on ebay tell me what u guys think its in my price range as well. te stick tad too expensive

This is just a modded SE. It will work just as well as a TE… I still prefer a TE as I like the case better tho.

yeah the TE is pretty sweet paid 140 for mines :bgrin:

i want the official SF one

Amazon is selling them for $100.
Xbox 360:

im in uk m8

Oh thats those ones, i got the ALL black TE one with the character collage all in grey and its was 140

Oh and dragonakuma i am in the UK too, i order mine on wednesday got it friday afternoon :rofl:

well i’m not familiar with UK prices but uk amazon currently sells the TE stick for 90 pounds which is quite a big difference. here in america, TE sticks are on sale all the time so it isn’t really worth it to mod a SE stick since it comes out to about the same after you buy the parts but in your case 20 pounds is a big difference. I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed in the smaller size of the SE stick. I’ve played with both sticks a lot (no homo) and the modded SE played fine.

where u got urs from?

gameseek had it at 80 quid including postage its gone up now te stick thats why ive seen the one on ebay se stick but with the sanwa parts and wanted opinions

So is the TE stick better then SE stick? my friend had the stick that dragonakuma was showing. and he said its crap lol. i never had a arcade stick, so what is a good one for noobs?

well when i started using my first stick which was about a few months ago i started with a hori ex2 for the xbox360 then i upgraded to a madcatz se stick with full Sanwa parts now if u have the money get madcatz se stick first and mod it with Sanwa or Semeitsu parts. it should run you a good 80 bucks together but if you are very impatient when it comes to parts being delivered i would go with the madcatz te just for the simple fact that it doesnt take any modding and its ready out the box to play with ease. I guess what im trying to say is grab yourself a Te stick because your going to buy one sooner or later lol.

Why not just buy that SE with modded parts… its almost the same exact thing as the TE… the description said modded with sanwa parts…

This, plus you can get really good deals on the SFIV TE now. Right out of the box, you have a high level arcade stick ready to go.