Arcade Sticks compatible with both PS3 and 360?


OK, so I have this Arcade Stick ( ). I want to know if it might work with 360 or if I need to get another one that is compatible with 360 for tournaments. If this is not compatible, can someone direct me to a cheap arcade stick that IS compatible with both systems?


Good sticks aren’t cheap, especially if you want it dual modded.

or buy a 360 TE and get a TE Kitty/TEasy.


I’m not necessarily looking for really good sticks. The one I have I got for around $25. It at least works well enough for my execution.


You aren’t even going to be able to buy the PCBs needed for that kind of money. You’re looking at 130+ bucks at a minimum. Dual modding a stick with stock parts is also pure insanity if they’re knock off parts.

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Alright. Well I guess that answers my question. Thanks.