Kinda new on this site and been searching around for my anwsers,anyways… I got a te stick for 360(madcats) and was wondering if there is a way to cross it over to play on ps3 without cracking it open and adding switches and and other parts, seen a few things on diff sites? Just got my stick a few days ago and found this site

which i may go ahead and get one from here seeing as they have duel sticks and good parts, but thats another 250$ out the door… Different places have diff systems I play at and would like to just have one stick for both if it’ll work

What, like prayer?
You should try chiropractics. After spending weeks folded over in a tiny compartment, the USB cord may be too out of alignment to let the complicated PS3 signals through. Careful massage to straighten out those dreadful bends and realign the energy conduits in the cable should allow your stick to open up and communicate with others in your console community.

If you don’t want to do any work, you’ll need someone else to do the work. AiaB is the biggest name around that makes duAl system sticks.

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