Arcade sticks for ps2


Can anyone recommend me some? Or provide me with sites that sell them? (preferably in Canada)

I want a good one. I’m willing to spend a maximum of $120.


Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 is the best commercial stick you can buy for the PS2


The reviews are quite varied. And is the one on that site only compatible with Japanese PS2’s?


Yeah, HRAP2’s are awesome.


you can get an old school yellow namco stick.


that’s not the same stick Orka was talking about.

this is the one.

and play asia don’t even have it.




HRAP2 all the way baby!


I believe there are still a few HRAP2s on EBay for $99 plus shipping. That should bring you right to your $120 spending limit.

EDIT - Here is one for $107 with $5 flat rate shipping:


I wanted to know which stick is better
The Tekken 5 Stick or The Dead or Alive Stick for the 360…


tekken 5 stick. the t5 stick is a variant of hrap, while the doa4 stick is a variant of hori fighting stick 3.

the only bad thing about the t5 stick is that the buttons are sodered to the pcb, so you will need somebody familiar with sodering iron in order to replace the buttons.


Cool thanks alot…


please do a little research