Arcade Sticks for sale @ Evo?

Hey all,
Never been out to any of the past Evo tournaments and would like to know… are there usually going to be any stick vendors? I’ve never been to Vegas and I think that picking up a stick at the tournament would be the ultimate souvenir! Let me know.

Thanks a ton y’all

Yeah…they are usually booths at the hall where you can buy arcade sticks and parts.

Yep, they’ll probably have some cool limited edition stuff like the Madcatz Plexi like last year.

Usually the booths are only there and stocked day one, so if you want to buy it there, don’t wait buy it as soon as you can wait in line.

About how much do they usually run? I’d like to not get caught by suprise!

Depends…they usually have sales for Evo attendees.
1/2 price…B1G1.

Well, I have thought no sooner get to the event, buy my SFxT VS Stick: D