Arcade Sticks - Hard to buy in Australia

Hey guys,

So I’m an Australian and I’ve decided I want to get a little more serious with fighting games (thanks to street fighter) but I’m having trouble locating a quality stick for my xbox 360.

I’m a complete beginner, however I would like to obtain a quality stick that will last me a while. After looking for a while on eBay, playAsia etc (It also appears that MadCatz don’t sell to Australia?) I’ve come to realise that almost every average to high quality stick is sold out or for the playstation 3. (There are some SF4 TE sticks being sold on eBay from a Victorian seller if anyone’s interested).

So I come to you asking, can anyone point me in the direction of any stick that is decent in quality? Decent means to me it has very little chance of having problems/breakages, and that its responsiveness is at least of that which is required to play the game without noticing input delay.

My preferable price cap is $150 AUD, but am willing to move in the direction of the $200 range if it secures me a quality stick.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope someone can assist me.