Arcade sticks on consoles vs arcade sticks on arcade cabinets

which do you prefer?

Stick at home, no dirty ass germs and it’s a custom made Sanwa.

Cabinet, I build sticks but a cabinet is still better for obvious reasons.

depends on the amount of people

Like it on a cabinent so I can go crazy and not have it slide or something. Plus I feel more comfortable standing up playing then sitting down in a weird position which could probably lead to a bad back in the future… :sweat:

It doesn’t depend on how many people, more like it depends on weither or not the cabinet owner gives a shit. Sticks are not THAT easy to break and buttons are easy to fix, it’s all a matter of the owner if we are talking cabinet.

The only reason why’d you’d ever prefer playing stick on your lap, floor, table, whatever is cause you don’t play in arcades and mostly/only play on console.

i like the arcades atmosphere

Assuming nothing is broken on the machine, and the control panel was not designed by a damned idiot(both sets of controls too close together, and buttons too far apart to play comfortably).

Then I would have to say Arcade edges it out. Playing on the console with my custom stick is cool but not quite as comfortable as the arcade machine is. On a machine you don’t have to have the controls in your lap or worry about the stick moving a little during gameplay.

Depends. Nothing beats the controls on a well-maintained arcade cab. But if the owner has let it go for too long between tune-ups, it gets intolerable. At least a home stick is more reliable, even if it doesn’t feel as good as when the arcade cab is tip-top.

Home. I can play sitting down or standing up. I can make a stick suited to me [Bat top with the buttons not too close to the stick] And the controls won’t be broken by some fucking idiot.

I will make sure that every game I play in an arcade now…

I will lick my hand before I play.

As much as I love the atmosphere of an arcade, nothing tops my custom stick. I prefer my Sanwa custom over those Happ sticks at CF. The only game that uses Sanwa parts is the Arcana Heart cabinet and since I play AH, I can’t complain about that.

I would need further stick-practicing, just to get used to cabinets. I guess I’ll stick with my Regular HRAP.

Candy cabinet with Japanese sticks is my choice.

I prefer arcade sticks on arcade cabinets,since they don’t move too much while making motions.

I find myself playing on my cab more than my stick setup, and both use HAPP comp aprts. The cab just feels better IMO for reasons stated above IE> sliding and other…

I prefer standing. Sitting has always been kind of awkward.

Put rubber pads on the bottom of your stick.

Arcade sticks are only nicer cuz they dont move around and the owner at my arcade fixes the broken buttons within 24 hours.

the only thing i hate is when i see scrubs mashing on the controls like they want to break it they should make some rule where u cant mash for no reason

how much do custom sticks cost, i have an xbox but i use nuby sticks where do i get the custom sticks.

I have a custom sanwa at home, but I feel more comfortable playing at the sit down cabs at TGA. I feel I can execute better on them, with less effort.