Arcade sticks that works on ps2 games in ps3 console (old model)

Well, I got alot of fighting games on ps2, i would like to play them in one console instead of switching to one console to another also i dont have a ps2 arcade stick , i checked in the internet but i didnt like designsof older arcades , i m comfortable with hori v3 sa and premium but they don’t work once I start playing ps2 games :confused: ,so i m looking for other arcade sticks (moded or not doesnt matter ) that works on ps3s ps2 emulater ( i got the old ps3 model which plays ps2 games ) , oh yeah btw I got a hori Real arcade pro 3 SA That was working okay but it was glitchy , like for example when u do a hadouken motion twice the game pauses because it thinks u pressed the start button :confused:

Please I need some help

I have a mayflash arcade stick whats working on ps2 and ps3. It got a ps2 and usb connector. The stick is not that good, not realy super high quality. But it works so for i think $35 you have yourself one.

But there also much more examples. But i dont know the names.

Take care!

Qanba Q4 works with PS2 and PS1 games on my 60GB PS3

Any of mine (Cthulhu/Chimp/Kitty/AXISdapter) will all do BC games.

I think your HRAP3 SA is just buggy. I have one and played PS2 3S on my PS3 and never had any problems excluding the lag.

well did u try capcom vs snk 2 ? i got the problem that i mentiond before in this game , is there a way to fix this buggyness?

huh whats is that =S

really ?? which type? can you post a picture of the stick with the model here please

well i actually prefer hori / madcatz and qanba more than this one , anyways thanks , u take care too

I just tried to use my brand new white Qanba Q4RAF to play CvS2 but it the home button would not activate once the PS3 went into PS2 mode.
Is there a trick to getting it to work?

SEGA Virtua Stick High Grade works.

where the hell are you talking about?

How did you get that to work? I am having trouble with that. Please help me

I am having the same issue

All I did was plug it in and it worked. There’s a possibility that it may not work for certain PS2 games.

The Paewang Revolution PCB (PS3/X360/PC) does NOT work on PS2 games on a backwards-compatible PS3.

I had a HAPP made from a PSX Series H pad… With a $15 Radio Shack converter, it played 3S, Hyper SF2, CvS2, KoF UM 2k2, and Alpha Anthology games just fine… so yeah. There’s that.

Do you have the older model Q4RAF with the 3.5mm headset jack? The newer models have a different pcb which may no longer be compatible.

The only company that makes PS3 joysticks that can be guaranteed work with PS2 games run off of backwards-compatible PS3’s is Hori. They were granted an exclusive license by Sony to implement the tech (software code?) to make their HRAP 3/V3’s work with PS2 games.

Toodles’ PCB boards (Cthulu, MC Cthulu, etc.) are the only third party PCBs that work on backwards compatible PS3’s with PS2 games because he reverse-engineered the Hori board.

An official Sony PS1 (non-DS 1 model) digital pad PCB will also work. On other PCB’s the mileage will vary. They may or may not work.

Only the Hori HRAP 3 line, Toodles PS-specific boards, and PS1 PCB’s are guaranteed…

My Hori FS3 works too, but I would love to get my Q4RAF working to play some CvS2… I am even thinking about ordering a 360 to PS3 converter to see if I can get it working that way.

Yes, I bought the first few Q4RAF when they came out with 3.5mm headset jack.

Just so you know, it’s not emulation, at least not on the 20/60 GB models, and there is an inherent amount of input lag playing PS2 games on PS3. Not a big deal if you are just playing for fun but if you are hoping to practice combos and such, doing it on PS3 with lag isn’t going to help you.

Also, the Mayflash/Paewang stick does not work for PS2 games, unless you get a converter and use it as a PS2 stick, which when I was trying to do this same thing was the only option for any stick. Good to know that there is sticks that can do this out-of-the-box now.

I liked using my joystick for menu/media player navigation so much and so enjoyed the convenience of having a Home button with my stick(Mayflash stick doesn’t have this button) that it came to a point where I had my stick hooked up to the PS3 as a PS2 stick with a Pelican converter 100% of the time.