Arcade sticks that works on ps2 games in ps3 console (old model)

I have the same specs on the Qanba (with the 3.5mm jack), and I just “plugged it in” and it doesn’t work. Is there nothing fancy that you do to get it to work?

To be honest, I didn’t have to do anything else other than plug it in. What PS2 games are you trying to play?

If you have a switch to change from Left Stick / Directional Pad / Right Stick, change to Directional Pad (might be LS / DP / RS?). I did this for a friend on his stick when he couldn’t play SF Alpha 3 on PS3 and it worked like a charm.

Does not work with my Qanba. The stick shuts down and cannot be woken up without resetting the PS3.