Arcade Sticks with detachable Cable?

How many are there?

AFAIK there is the Razer Atrox Xbox One and the Mad Catz TE2. Are there any else?

I’m asking because the cable of my Mayflash v2 broke. Cramming it inside the little side compartment wasn’t the healthiest for it and now I gotta replace it. I know it’s easy if you know how to solder but I dont have any experience with that and I think my next stick should have detachable cables.


Your best bet is to install a Neutrik USB adapter-

No soldering required if you wrap up the cable in the interior but that isn’t clean. Does require hole saw with 24mm hole or dremel.

Or unscrew from the metal panel and install a USB A female jack off one of these-

Soldering required to solder new USB wires to PCB. Requires a precision tool to make a small rectangle.

There’s a bunch of other options, but those are the most common.

For future reference please post these types of questions in the thread

Same thing happened to my Mayflash V2. Great stick, but if there’s anywhere they cut costs, it’s the damn cable.