Arcade Sticks


where can I buy a custom arcade stick.


There is a trading outlet for sales threads, you know.


So even after I warned him…he did it again?


Sorry I just really need the money right now, since I’m broke and in college.


Sorry I’ll obey the rules. I’m just really broke and I’m in college so I really need the money. I will stop posting about it.


I’ll stop posting about it.


Spamming for 50 posts much?


Regardless…he won’t be able to use the TO until april.


Or you can try finding a modder in this thread:


>wants to buy a custom arcade stick
Not happening bud.

On average a custom stick is anywhere from $75 to $350 and that is without the modder charging for his or her time (add another $35 to $180 depending on the work done)
Try thrift shops and see if you can find a older stick that can be repair/ moded, even then its not cheap.



I <3 how OP said “they’ll stop posting about it” & then did…one minute later! :stuck_out_tongue: