Arcade Stuff, CPS2, Naomi, Misc. Guilty Gear GDROMs. SFBA CarnEvil Cab

Hello SRKers. It’s been a while since I’ve sold anything on this site, but here goes. Everything is shipped in the US prices. International shipping available, you pay the difference.



GGXX Slash GDROM & IC with case $70

World Kicks Cart $30
Virtua Tennis Cart $50

3x GGXX #Reload Original Art Sets $20
3x GGXX #Reload GDROM, IC, Case $45


Versus City 1L6B Panel (bit o’ rust damage) $50
Astro City 2L12B (not sure what kind of sticks the brackets are for, not jlfs) $65

Closeup of the topside damage on the VC panel

Official Sega 002 Loom for Versus City Unused $60

Official Sega 002 Looms for VC NOS $80

ART / Kit pieces

Repro JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure JP (first one) art set $10

3x Repro Vampire Savior 2 JP art set $10

CarnEvil cab (pickup in SF Bay Area only) $625

  • comes with an happ extra gun
  • replaced battery 2 months ago
  • no burn in

Here is a link to the gallery on picasa

Please ask any questions in the thread. Prices are negotiable, especially if you purchase several things.

I’m open to trade offers as well. A few things I would be interested in are:
Cthulu MC
NEW Sanwa Parts
Sega Panels
USB s-video or composite capture card.

interested in naomi /gdrom power supply and st

zenblaster, those two items are currently on hold. I will let you know if the person passes.

that power supply could mean cvs2 and my supergun finally being friends,let me know if it falls through.

Pm sent.

Pm sent interested in the Zero 2 board.

wow, i picked the wrong afternoon to slack on camping the trading forum. nice stuff in here.

hey eczangief, thanks man.

I know I don’t have much feedback on this site you guys but you can check my feedback from other places!

bump! i shipped out everything that has been paid for.

Thread updated with everything sold. removed pictures of stuff that’s not available.