Arcade supergun + j-pac +2df + ggpo + front end

I have a few questions , please bear with me as i dont really know what im talking about
i have a supergun at home which i use with a 21 sony crt tv via rgb scart and it works fine , now im looking to build a seperate games room and id like to be able to play 2df and ggpo + other emulators in it , so would i be able to buy a j-pac and plug that into my supergun and still use my 21 crt tv and could i use the supergun controls or would i have to use controls via USB on the PC ? also id like to get a small case pc (small as possible really) what kind of specs and case would be best to go? would i be best off buying some sort of small media pc or have a go at building my own (is it easy )? id like it to run just emulators. also could i create a front end for 2df ggpo + other emulators like final burn etc etc
Any help would be great

Should be able to go supergun->J-Pac->PC on your controls, the J-Pac provdies the USB connection for them.

ok thanks :slight_smile: so if i can use the the J-pac i take it normal CRT TV’s are 15khz too