[arcade] System 246 kick harness?

Anyone know where I can find a kick harness that fits a Namco I/O board from a System 246 setup? Or where I can get one made? I got a Soul Calibur II board from a guy but it’s missing that bit, and playing Astaroth is rather painful without being able to block or throw…

If it helps, the connector on the board looks like this:

It’s the 10-pin connector on the upper left corner of the I/O board.


I thought it was a CPS-1 since it is also 10-pin but, well, it is not by looking at the picture. Then I found this:

But if you do not want to shell out for a new IO and it is just one extra button that you want, maybe you can just somehow clamp a wire to the corresponding pin and forget about a full harness.

Yeah, if worst comes to worst, I’ll see if I can hack something together, but I’d like a neater solution if possible. Appreciate the advice.

I consider…Which is Soul Calibur IV on Arcade system??

I don’t think they’ve announced anything about the arcade SCIV. All anyone knows is that it’ll be out on console first.