"Arcade" thumbstick


Has anyone tried using this thing yet?
It looks like a PS d-pad, I’m wondering if I could make some kind of custom controlpad from it…


lol first time i’ve seen that kind of thing before.


Interesting. That ought to shut up the people who ask for a dpad and arcade buttons.


This “D-pad” looks like it’ll end up doing something FIERCE to your thumb after a while of playing…


man thats soo cool

thats so true

specially the tekken people playing Sf4


WTF? That looks like it would be awkward as hell.


Put it far enough left on the case and you could theoretically grip your four fingers on the side and use your thumb to move it. It might work…


That’s what I’m thinking, too. A kind-of hybrid pad (left side) + stick (right side), using 24mm buttons.
Possibly non-flat, too.

I’ll see if I can hack it all together.


Pretty neat.


I’d assume this type of thing would be held like a pad, if so how would you possibly press 3 buttons at a time? Unless the button layout is layed out like on a traditional pad with shoulder buttons. Then it seems kinda pointless IMO.


if u could fit that into a 360 control ill buy one and try it lol cant be as bad as the 360 dpad


kind of hits “thumbstick” on the nose as a definition :stuck_out_tongue:

exactly what i’m thinking. i wonder what the shipping cost to the US would be.

how much is that price in USD?


you’d probably have to gut it or something, the dpad in the 360 does not use microswitches or any connecting wires at all. and it is horrible, the mod helps a little bit though if you haven’t tried it.


I have one
bad diagonals work for me how 4-way pad


Thats right and the yellow top is too large to be a dpad: 36 mm (1.417 ") diameter.


Your hand would have to float above the stick from what I can see, you can’t wrap the rest your hand around the stick or you’d have to lay it flat. Seems pretty awkward.