Arcade UFO, 9/26/2009 tournament results!

Arcade UFO - Back To School Tournament Results!

Street Fighter 4 (out of 66):
1st - Viet
2nd - WindChester
3rd - Jan

Daemon Bride (out of 9):
1st - Fubarduck
2nd - Kenneth
3rd - Pozer

BlazBlue (out of 30):
1st - Pozer
2nd - Fubarduck
3rd - Markus

Gundam Seed Destiny 2 (out of 9 teams):
1st - Markus / Kenneth
2nd - Travis / Jeramey

Full results will be posted soon.

I really appreciate everyone who showed, the turn out was A LOT bigger than expected (especially for a local tournament), so sorry for having everything end so late, we we’re not prepared to take in this amount of people. However, next time we will be prepared! :slight_smile:

I’d like to go ahead and thank ‘Vyktoria’ for having add $80 to the SF4 prize pot.
Great deal, man! You really know how to support a scene :wink:

Overall it was a great tournament, better than expected. Once again, I really appreciate everyone who entered and those who helped out.

Thanks for Markus and Fubar for jumping in when things started getting a little out of hand. And special thanks to Eric on running the BlazBlue event.

Hope you guys to make it out to our next tournament happening in October.
It will be a Soul Caliber and Tekken tournament! We will post up more info very soon.

Otherwise, goto and donate some points to Arcade UFO!

Hell of a tourney!!! Turnout was awesome and I had a lot of fun playing and watching games. :tup:

Good shit to the following:

Pozer, Fubar, other people that helped with brackets - you guys kept it running smoothly for the most part. You guys deserve a giant pat on the back. :woot:

Viet - Congrats on the win man! :clapdos: Also, good job for winning me a dollar on my side bet with Nem.:lol: I think this is the first time I’ve left Austin with a winning record against you for the day. 1 and 0 baby!!!:encore: We’ll get some games in soon.

Chester - Hell yeah 2nd place! :rock: Another good showing man. Keep it up and hit me up on PSN sometime. The next time you come around this area I’ll put something together so we can have those drunken MMs again. GET (Brandon’s) MONEY!!! :bgrin:

Jan - Good job on placing! That Gief was just too solid man, one mistake/mis-timed move and there went half my life. Also, I now know why you don’t like playing on cabinet B. :crybaby: Hope to play you again soon man.

Aleri and Dlux - Good to see you guys again, always fun chillin and gaming with yall. Post in the SA thread the next time you have a gathering at your place.

Kensou - Good match man. You adapted pretty well for that 3rd game. I’ve been watching the vid and kicking myself in the ass everytime I get to those parts where you bait my tortilla. :grrr: Hit me up on PSN. Hope to run it back soon.

Adeel - Still damn solid. Always have a lot of fun playing you and watching you beast. Good games.

Lagunas - Good to meet you man, I’ll definitely hit up the D-Pad soon. Good games, better luck at the next tourney.

Suavion, Jermaine, Ill Will and the rest of the Houston crew - Way to make it out and support the scene! :tup: Houston had a lot of rep and a really good showing at this. Lots of skill and lots of good matches. Can’t wait to play yall again.

Special shout out to my brother, Lets-be-Ian - Finally won a match at a tourney. :woot: :clapdos: :woot: Now that we’ve got that out of the way, time to kick some names and take some ass! :nunchuck:

Everybody feel free to add me on PSN and look me up if you’re in SA, I’m always down to game.

Can’t wait for the next UFO tourney. Awesome venue, awesome people, awesome comp, just straight up awesomeness!

EDIT: I’m currently uploading videos I took. I don’t have a lot, batteries died and I missed a lot of matches I wanted to record because I was playing. I do have Viet vs Kensou and Fubar vs Sinister X, both really hype. Should have all of them up soon. Keep checking HERE.

Congratulations to the winners! :woot:

SF4 had some pretty awesome matches going on throughout the day. I wanted to watch some of the Blazblue but with all those people in there it was tough to navigate the sea of bodies between SF4 and Blazblue haha. It’s always fun to watch some Litchi pwnage though. :smile:

Added more vids, check link on previous post.

Awesome turnout for SF4 and Blazblu. Good shit to all the placers.


can’t wait for new versions of both of those crappy games :V

I’d bang the shit out of Yuri. That fine korean ass.

Good shit to Viet btw. I wish I could’ve come out, damn work.