Arcade UFO April 17th Results!


Tournament results!

  • Street Fighter 4 3v3 Teams (23 Teams)
    1st - Jan/Marn/Girl - No Team Name
    2nd - adnan/andrew/Arther - Team JOP
    3rd - Viet/Haseeb/Rudy - Team UFO


  • Street Fighter 4 5v5 City Only Teams (7 teams)
    1st - Team Marn - Austin
    2nd - Team Free Shirt - Austin

Full Bracket:
(Weill have all the player’s names once I get them for each team on the 5v5)

  • BlazBlue CS (12 entries)
    1st - Pozer - Ragna
    2nd - Kenneth - Bang
    3rd - Jesse - Bang


  • Melty Blood
    Sadly was canned due to lack of people ;(

Gundam Vs Gundam NEXT (8 teams)
1st - Pozer/Kenneth
2nd - Alex/Al
3rd - Brian/Patrick

Good shit everyone!
With Super SF4 around the corner, Arcade UFO has some planned for everyone. Don’t worry guys, we will continue to make things awesome for you at UFO. Hope everyone enjoyed the tournament! :rock:


Good Games to Everyone. It was a fun weekend!:smile:
I gotta party again when i got to Austin Next week! :tup:


I had a good time at UFO, as always. Between the 3v3 and 5v5, my teams went 0 and 11 to marn.

Are the recorded matches posted anywhere?


Girl = Samantha! Congrats Samantha!!!


Good shit to the Arkansas boys. We all got to hang out the rest of night in Austin and then went back to UFO for more beatings the next day. I always have fun at UFO no matter how bad / awesome I do. On a good note I went 4-0 in RPS!!! Next time people need to have Twinkle Star Sprites money matches.


UFO arcade was definitely worth me getting behind on all my college work to go to this weekend. Met some cool people there. @IBME I’m for some Twinkle Star Sprites money matches fo sho. Catch me next time I’m up there


When has a UFO tourney NOT been fun lol? I had a great time, GG’s everyone.


someone buy me an arcade cab lol


Vids of Top 3 in the SF4 3v3 are up now at !

Thanks to everyone for coming and supporting the event. See everyone next time for Super!


GGS to everyone i played. nice meeting a lot of the austin players. It was a fun weekend.

RUDYYYYY!!! my bad i sold u out homie had to handle some business. I owe u some drinks next time u in houston.
This is Mauricio. lol


GGs everyone, especially the Dallas peeps who hosted us (Adnan, Jon, Buktooth, etc.) and hung out with us. Tourney was fun and we Arkansans learned a LOT. It was really fun playing in the arcade, playing casuals, and watching as white people were treated better throughout the course of the weekend. We had a blast and I hope we can return the favor at the next ARK tourney. Glad to be pot monsters for this event and hope to do this sometime soon. Another thanks to Adnan for being a helluva host. You really went out of your way to accommodate us and know that we’ll try to do the same whenever you come through Arkansas.


party every day, p-p-p-party everyday

had a blast guys, thx ark


I would have liked to go but no ride D:


Samantha is MVP of the tournament :)! It was fun playing everyone again!!


Good stuff this weekend. My first time playing SF4 in the arcades and no Cammy made me sad in the pants. It was cool hanging out with the Dallas people and having casuals after the tourney.