Arcade UFO -- Austin 3rd


Gonna start posting tournaments and updates just if anybody new happens to lurk here. Good and new players are still playing so let’s play 3S and have some beers afterwards.


Late notice but a 2v2 tournament will be on tonight

Sept 4 Results:
Supreme Champion: Izco, MarKus
Worthy Adversary: Luke, Shannon
Maybe Next Time: epilis, Shin


October tourney coming in about 2 weeks, tournament format to be decided.
The Monday on the same week as the tourney will have free play starting at 8:00 PM I believe



Stream and tourney tonight. Twitch.TV/arcadeufo

Good tourney, here are the results


Congrats on your win Yuuki. Come by NY on your next trip.
I wanna play you. :slight_smile:


Markus and Luke were sick. Looking forward to the next one


Every grudge match/ money match should be settled like that.
Best of 1 for $100


November Tourney coming in 2 weeks, First Friday of the month


Stream is almost ready, working on audio. Tournament is about to start probably no game audio though.

Stream is live

1st- GMV, Joro, Shin
2nd- Tommy2Step, kevkev
3rd- Markus, ReichJr




Tourney results sponsored by Rolling Rock:

1)Fiji Water|Lukuma
3)Probably KevKev
4)Probably Rico




That’s such a good flyer lmao


I just noticed the red nose Necro. Ahahaha nice one


Good turnout on stream and at the tourney. Thanks dudes. Here are the results:





Thanks for tuning in and supporting arcade 3S. Next tourney will be on the first Friday of March. Here are the results:

1)Luke (GO/Q) Tofu (Q)
2)Izco (NE) Spookflix (RY/KE)
3)Markus (IB) JThan (MA)
4)JoeQuery (RY) Tommy2Step (EL)
5)Yuuki (RY) Kevin (MA)
5)Kenny (KE) Sebastian (OR)


Next month’s tourney on the first Friday of March. Come support arcade 3S by tuning in on stream.



The tournament seemed to run real smooth and there was hype gameplay too. Especially liked Izcos necro and lukes akuma. Hopefully Ill be able to tune in next time too!


Thanks for noticing, saw you in the stream chat Falzzi. Our old tournament organizer left a few months ago and since then, we have improved every month. A few players returned from Coop Cup and are much better now including Izco and Luke.