** Arcade UFO - Back To School Tournament! 9/26/2009

Welcome back guys, just in time for the next tournament event Arcade UFO will host.
It will be our “Back to School” tournament, being hosted on September 26th (Saturday).
Show up and support the event, don’t try to study too hard. All work and no play tends to make people a little tense. Chill out, and play some games! :slight_smile:
Click Here to see the Tournament Flyer!

– Games that are being played:
-> Street Fighter 4 - 2:00 PM
-> Daemon Bride - 4:00 PM
-> BlazBlue - 5:30 PM
-> Gundam Seed Destiny 2 (Teams) - 8:00 PM

  • Note: All games will be on Arcade, there will be no consoles.
    Registration starts at 1:00 PM (when we open).

  • Another Note: If less than 6 people perticapte in a game, that game will be canceled.
    Please join up and support your game.

– Rules:

  • No game breaking glitches that won’t allow the match to continue.

  • Must remain with your character until you have lost a match.

  • All characters are allowed except for Gundam, 2 Gundams will be banned (Banned Gundams are Launcher Strike and Strike Noir).

  • All games are set to 2 out of 3, Double Elimination, all the way up to the finals.

  • No casuals once the game for that event has started. In other words, once Street Fighter 4 starts, there will be no SF4 casuals until the SF4 tournament has ended.

  • Remember, no Alcohol around the Arcade UFO area.

– Price to Enter:
Entry fee: $2 (only have to pay once)
Enter each game: $5 (pay per game you enter)

  • Prize pot will be split as the usual 70/20/10.
    There is a small chance we might throw in an extra something for the top 3 winners, but right now we got nothing, haha ;p

– Location:
Tournament will be hosted at the Arcade UFO venue (located on 3101 Speedway).
For more info on its location, check out the website - http://www.arcadeufo.com
Or Click Here!

Got anymore questions, just post here and they should be answered shortly.
Otherwise, hope you guys can make the event! :wink:
One more thing:

– Save The Arcade:
Please goto http://www.savethearcade.com and donate your points to Arcade UFO!
Don’t care if you play for 2 mins or an hour, donate whatever points you can. Your support will be appreciated!
Until then, shows up the tournament and support the scene.
Just come by and have some fun :slight_smile:

cool stuff :slight_smile:



Oh hell yeah!!

Banned Gundams are Launcher Strike and Strike Noir. Also each team has to have two different suits per team.

no 3s :sad:
oh well
Ill be there for SF4 anyway

Will be there for some epic Daemon Bride.

**** Major Update!!**

Tournament has been delayed for a week.
Rather than having it on the 19th, it’s now being moved to the 26th

Sorry about that ;(

Yes sir well try to make to this

Gundam time!

need to practice

I need to but don’t have time to :sad:

Could at least practice SF4 but online play is laggy and full of flowchart shotos or lariat giefs so it doesn’t really help much.

A gundam tournament? Sounds like fun. I haven’t even played the game but if I go I may enter if its fun.

You have to at least see 1 UFO gundam tournament in your life time…

I personally couldn’t get into the game but that shit is hype and fun to watch.

Imma try 2 go that tournament

Just want to give a heads up that there is actually a large chance of either a Guilty Gear AC or 3rd Strike side tournament (not having both).

Can’t have both running, can only have one of them running.
With that said, the more people who show up for that specific game, that side event will be hosted (example; if more show up for 3rd strike than GGAC, then 3rd strike will go on).

Nina and I will be making an appearance for Daemon Bride. Be ready. ;D

Coming there with some Houston crew.