Arcade UFO Summer of Blue Cup Results


Can’t seem to find the full brackets on
If anyone can link me them, please do so!

Super Street Fighter 4 (out of 64 people)
1st - Banana Ken (Ken)
2nd - Marn (C Viper / Rufus)
3rd - FindMyFarms (Rufus)

BlazBlue CS (out of 8 people)
1st - PozerWolf (Ragna)
2nd - Jan (Tager)
3rd - Kenneth (Bang)

Tekken 6 BR (out of 7 people)
1st - nme
2nd - 134
3rd - Kaito

Tekken tournament had to be re-done due to a missing participant.
Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

Gundam vs Gundam NEXT (out of 8 teams)
1st - Team Jeff/Kenneth
2nd - Team Pozer/Markus
3rd - Team Malkum/Al

Full brackets for each game can be found here on Poon’s post located below.

Please post any feedback if you got any questions.
Otherwise, good stuff everyone! Hope to see you all again in the our next tournament :slight_smile:


I couldn’t find the brackets either. I know FindMyFarms (Cammy) got 3rd in SSF4 though.


Its was on your guys twitter…


Full Brackets:

Tekken 6:
Gundam vs Gundam Next (called “Arcana Heart” lol):

SSF4 Direct Capture vids are all up on our Youtube channel at!


Good shit Frodo! But what’s up with the Banana-Ken nickname? LOL!!!

Anyways, good shit repping PR! Hope you can make it to EVO with PR Balrog and the rest of us!


Get Some Corpus :wink:


good shit frodo aka stupid banana raincoat wearin bitch


Its a gi ok


GGs to everyone, good to see a lot of you guys again. I’m kind of dissapointed with my performance, I haven’t been playing as much as I used to and I’ve lost a step or two. I’ll try to get back on it and hopefully be at more events in the future.

Good shit to Banana Ken, I didn’t get to play you but I enjoyed watching you play. Marn, I’m glad I finally got to play you, hopefully we can play more some time soon. FMF, GOD DAMN, that Cammy is strong! Jewelman, I’ll get you back eh…shakes fist… Aaron UFO (?) nice Rose, that new ultra changes that match up considerably. Buk, thanks for watching over my shoulder during my matches and for the advice, and I swear I know how to get out of that kunai mixup game :rofl:.

A big thanks to Pozer and Fubar for setting this up, you guys rock! Hope to see another one soon. :bgrin:

…and WTF??? The Blue Shirt Cup and Alex is nowhere to be found??? :confused:


GGs to everyone had a lot of fun.

Corpus is definitly down for another one.

Get some Adon!


He’s in Seattle for a summer internship. That’s why it was the Blue Shirt Cup!


ggs to everyone i had a great time, can’t wait for the arcade release


Aaaaah, I had no idea. I’m sure I’ll see him around when he gets back…he is coming back right? :lol:

BTW, if anyone wants to add me on PSN I’ll be happy to give you guys some Fuerte practice when I’m on. :tup:


Yeah Aaron UFO!!!


sorry for mashing on marvel ryan lol


Where is Banana Ken from?

Also does he have a account here or something? i want some ken tips/help…


who the fuck is banana ken lol!


He plays Ryu, with a purple gi…I hear he might have to vacate the tournament win for bringing a programable pad, but these are all just things I heard… :bgrin: