** Arcade UFO's next event - Austin, TX - April 17th, 2010

*** Arcade UFO’s next event - Austin, TX - April 17th, 2010 (Saturday)*

Alright guys, time for UFO to throw another tournament event for you guys. But this time, Street Fighter 4 is getting a special treatment.

–> Games that will be hosted

  • Street Fighter 4 (3v3 Teams) - 2:00 pm
  • BlazBlue CS (Singles) - 4:30 pm
  • Melty Blood: Actress Again Ver.A (Singles) - 6:30 pm
  • Gundam Vs Gundam NEXT (2v2 Teams) - 9:00 pm

And on top of that…

  • Street Fighter 4 (5v5 Teams, city only) - Undecided

There will be 2 related events for Street Fighter 4.
3v3 Teams - No rules on who can be in who’s team on this one. Just find yourself 2 other people who you think are worthy of being your teammate, or try to find someone to join ya’ for the hell of it.
5v5 Teams, City only - Basically, in this event you can only team up with people from your city and only your city.
Example: a team of 5 players would be from Austin only, and another 5 from Dallas, and so on.
We will see if we can throw in a little extra for the winners of the 5v5, however we can’t promise anything :wink:

** Please note: Registration will close 5 minutes before that specific game starts.

–> Rules

  • Don’t act stupid (#1 rule, BTW).

  • No alcohol is allowed at the Arcade (keep it far away from the Arcade).

  • No game breaking glitches allowed that will prevent the match to finish.

  • All games will be Arcade only.

  • 3v3 will be King Of Fighters/Pokemon style. If the first team mate were to lose, the second one takes over. If everyone is defeated in your team then Game Over, you and your team will be placed in the Loser’s Bracket. If you lose in that bracket, then you are out of the tournament (better luck next time).

  • 5v5 will be will be Single Match/Elimination. Reason behind this is that 5v5 takes FOREVER!! Do your best in not losing, lol ;p

  • In the 3v3 you are NOT allowed to have one of the same character.

  • In the 5v5 you are NOT allowed to have MORE THAN two of the same character (so basically it’s OK to have Ken/Ken/Sagat/Ryu/Balrog or Sagat/Sagat/Ryu/Ryu/Viper).

  • 1v1 (Single) will be set at 2 out of 3 double elimination all the way, even for the finals.

–> Location
For location info, check at A UFO’s website.
Gives you in-depth info on the location, parking, and whatever else you need to know. Got any other questions, post up and we will answer.
Remember, we’re located right on 31st and Speedway.

–> Registration Cost
Registration is all done in person!

  • Venue Fee: $2
  • To Enter Each Game: $5
    This is the price for each person, not teams. And remember, you only need to pay the Venue Fee once.
    If your interested in joining more than one game, you will have to pay for each game.

If you are unable to find a team mate, but are interested in joining the event, we will pair you up with someone else who does not have a team mate. Hopefully you will get your game going.
Registration will close 5 minutes before that specific game starts.

Top 3 are awarded cash prize, split is the usual 70/20/10

– Hope you guys can make it and visit the best arcade in Texas! This tournament should not be one to miss, come check it out whenever you can! Don’t worry, you don’t have to participate in the tournament, just show up and watch the event or the play the games around you.

Edit: it says we’re not allowed to have one of the same char on a team…what about two or three of the same char? Or does this mean we can’t use characters at all…? :bgrin:

Actually, I’m still debating if I should even force that rule for the 5v5.

Force it, will make it a lot more interesting

Oh rad! This is going to be awesome! I think I need some team members for that 5v5 to represent Austin.

Just a quick note on the 5v5.
Remember, it’s not one team per city. Hell, one city can have up to more than one team. Like Dallas can have 2 teams of 5, Houston can have like 3 teams of 5, and so on :wink:

Jan, Viet and I teaming up for this :tup:

The cheating team :bluu:

Pozer, what if we’re from multiple cities? I think I was born in Dallas, living in Houston, and go to school in Austin. So I can represent… three cities?!

Is there gonna be an event to determine the team for austin
its like the world cup man
We HAVE to win at home
cant just let any team rep austin :rofl:

For the audience maybe
as for the players, every city wants to have the strongest team possible, and this would affect that a lot.

Traitor!!! :sad:

Shut up hoe, you rep Austin.

Hey, he can make it up for the 5v5 ;p

Represent Houston in 3v3, Austin in 5v5, and Dallas in… MELTY!!!

Not that I don’t appreciate diversity, but it’s often hard enough just to get 5 people from a city to travel. Character repeats should be allowed if only because it might be the only way some cities have 5 people on a team. I anticipate there being some multi barlog teams.

I’m sure that we would have teams full of nothing but Ryus, Balrogs, and Sagats if they didn’t set that one character per team limit. It just adds to the hype and overall intensity of the tournament.

You know you’re Austin =p

And yeah, now that I think about, it would suck if a town couldn’t even get 5 people on a team because of the character

Alright, since I won’t have my “permanent” teammate for this one, I propose Me/Blue Shirt/Haseeb?

Anyone wanna join me and Rofl-bot’s Boxer/Ken team?

Comparing the results of UFO’s last 2 tournaments, I doubt we will have any trouble getting more than 5 people from a city.
However, a lot of people out there do tend to pick the same characters, so I’m still debating on removing the rule for same characters per team for the 5v5. However, that rule will remain unchanged for the 3v3.

More feedback on the same character rule for the 5v5 if everyone can, please.
I’d like to see what everyone has to say about this before something is finalized.

good chance Louisiana will be there

you know we are good for the UFO tourneys :pray: