** Arcade UFO's next event, Stay Free Valentines! ( Saturday Feb 5 )

** Arcade UFO’s next event, Stay Free Valentines! ( Saturday Feb 5 )

Yea, it’s been sometime since out last tournament, however quite a bit of planning has been going on here at Arcade UFO. For those who haven’t been by the place in over a month, prepare to the be surprise by the changes UFO is under going. And trust me, it’s a great sight to be seeing :smile:

  • – Schedule and Games Hosted*
  • Registration : 1:00 pm (when doors open)
  • Super SF4 Arcade Edition 2v2 Teams : 2:00 pm
  • King of Fighters 13 : 4:30 pm
  • Tekken 6 BR : 6:00 pm
  • Gundam Vs Gundam NEXT : 8:00 pm

Yup, this time around we will be having a 2v2 Teams event for Super Street Fighter 4 AE. And right before Valentines!
So grab you’re couple or loved ones (no homo) and team up together, to determine the best in Texas.

  • – Rules:*
    - Super SF4 Arcade Edition 2v2 Teams
  • Teams will be Pokemon/KOF style
  • Teams cannot consists 2 of the same characters.
  • Once you have selected a character, you will be character locked for the remainder of the tournament.

- King of Fighters 13

  • (Unsure just yet. Good thing is that we are running the game under version 1.1, so most serious bugs have been fixed.)

- Tekken 6 BR

  • Game rounds will be set to 3 out of 5.

- Gundam vs Gundam NEXT

  • Time will be set too Max (360 seconds, I believe)
  • You will need a team mate in order to participate, CPU is not allowed (sorry CPU).
  • Teams cannot consists 2 of the same Mobile Suits.

- Global Rules

  • Doing any game breaking glitches that prevents you from continuing the match will cost you a DQ.
  • If a game is a Draw game, a re-match will be taken place.
  • Don’t act stupid.
  • – Location:*
    Arcade UFO - Austin, Texas!

  • 3101 Speedway
    Located near UT campus, we’re situated near the best deli in town and a convenience store. All of your essential needs are right next door.

  • – Registration Fee:*

  • $5 to enter (per team mate)
  • $2 venue fee
    Remember, the venue fee only has to be paid once. There is no need to pay a venue just to watch.

Enter the tournament to compete against the best in Texas, or just enter for the hell of it and see how you rank amongst the best couples in the southwest! :lovin:

Wow… no bb cs, really?


yesssssssssssssssssss someone carry me.

why run BBCS when it’s not even a current game and there are so many other games worth playing over BBCS

Looks like I’m going to be forever alone for this one.

Yo Pozer it’s Matt the dude who runs Monday Night Street Fights. Count me and Shade in for that 2v2 tournament.

Also, doing casuals on monday, my place, round 9ish.

See you there!

Louisiana will be there. :tup:

No BBCS 2 = No BB tournament.
Sadly, it hurts the scene that much ;(

Of course, man! :smiley:

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm if there’s time, why not?

Cept I going straight Chun thanks to the Honda changes. Chun’s got better matchups overall anyway.

Um it hurts our scene because we don’t have BBCS2? Last time I checked you are doing more damage by not holding BBCS because it is the game that is relevant to OUR/the U.S. scene.

No one plays the game here in Austin, nor do we have any request from it at all. We’ve actually had a few request Tekken, and we’ve never ran a KoF 13 tournament just yet, so why not?

In this case, a game had to get the cut. Why not cut the game that no one is playing for the moment.

Not too sure how the Blaz scene is doing in Houston either, wonder how much play it gets at PZ, honestly =/

If we can get 8 people for BBCS, I’ll run it on the side. Right now, we want to give the newer games a chance, and Tekken since we have some new players lately.

We will be streaming / HD recording on UFO’s new dedicated streaming gear!

count me in for bbcs

There are people playing it in Houston. The scene is actually expanding. Makes sense to not run it if Austin has stopped playing it, which sucks btw. I can’t speak for PZ of course, don’t know if they play it there.

yea it really sucks now that I have to stop going to UFO and now my TE also breaks…

oh well, school is starting soon so it might work out for the best for me for now at least…

I might continue playing FG in the summer again

I’ll enter BB if Jan/Pozer/Kenneth/Jeff/Rico/Jesse/Ikki/Markus do not enter =D

At PZ? None lmao.
Elsewhere in houston? I think random ppl play it…

So…no arcana at this tourny, pozer?

Any idea on when/if you will be getting the CS2 upgrade?

I see, thought as much of the scene.

Also, about an Arcana tournament?
At first I thought “maybe next UFO tournament” however I’ve recently been getting a lot of request for it. Maybe a side tournament can be held if we can get more than 8 people to enter? :o

There is no info on it.
It is Japan only for the time being.

Arcana side tourny or not, I’ll be there regardless :o